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Poynt Announces Partnership to Help Find Missing Children


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Poynt has made an interesting and heart-warming announcement lately that it will develop and implement the first geo-relevant push alert system for the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC). The push alert system will be able to quickly notify Poynt users within a relevant, geo-targeted area with their Child Search Alerts on breaking developments of an active missing child investigation. The notification will include important information about the missing child’s active case such as last known location, physical description, photos and other pertinent details to help Poynt users in the area identify the missing child.

While there are other apps on the market meant to alert users of missing children, the difference is that Poynt is bringing its 7+ million users. Having a large install base is critical because the more eyes on the missing child the better. A good example of this is the Facebook partnership with the Justice Department and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to allow users to sign up to get Amber alert notifications of missing children.

Yet another reason to download Poynt: because it could help save a child’s life.

ZAGAT Restaurant Guide Launches New BlackBerry App



ZAGAT is a popular restaurant guide that has released a new BlackBerry app that’s optimized for OS 6 and touchscreen interfaces. The app is going for a really strange price point and market since it’s priced at $9.99 and all of its competitors are free to download. Poynt, for example, offers location-based listings for restaurants and lets you dial and discover restaurants with relative ease. Yelp has a free BlackBerry app as well, and offers very helpful reviews. Perhaps ZAGAT thinks their reviews are so influential they can charge $10 for the app.

You can purchase ZAGAT for BlackBerry for $10 in App World or get more information from mobile.zagat.com/blackberry.

As part of the launch, ZAGAT is offering consumers the chance to win dinner for two! The first 500 people to Tweet “Download a free trial of Zagat for BlackBerry! http://zagat.bz/mFrVMW #ZagatBB” will be entered to win dinner for 2 at their favorite Zagat-Rated restaurant (valued at $200).

Poynt Launches Pairing for Playbook


Poynt now allows users to pair their BlackBerry smartphone to their BlackBerry Playbook Tablet. With the pairing, you can browse listings and maps on your roomy Playbook screen while initiating calls to businesses, adding contacts to the address book and more on your BlackBerry.

Poynt users can search for businesses, people, movies, events, restaurants, gas prices and weather information in their local area. When users locate a listing that interests them they can click to get a map, get directions, look up movie times, access movie trailers, browse restaurant reviews and book dinner reservations all within the Poynt app.

View the press release after the jump.

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Poynt Introduces Sharing Searches and Location via Twitter and Facebook


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Poynt has a cool update to their app today that lets users share their Poynt searches and location via Twitter and Facebook. The feature is available across all geographic regions including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia. Users can also share directly from a search results page, enabling them to post the restaurant, retailer or movie theatre where they are currently located.
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US Patent Office Issues Both Poynt and Where Similar Geofence Patents



Today, Poynt announced that Poynt Corp. has been issued a patent for delivering location-based offers and coupons to smartphones based on GPS location and user profile. The patent, which Poynt says was originally claimed in 2000, enables Poynt to match users with relevant deals and coupons within any pre-defined geographic area (a geofence). The patent number is 7,870,229, and is described as:

“A network adapted to target an individual operating a microcomputer that is linked to an Internet to offer this individual goods or services appropriate to his needs that are available at a place within reach of the individual’s present location.”
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Poynt Adds Events Feature Powered by Eventful


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Poynt has announced that their incredibly popular BlackBerry app now features an Events section that allows users to search for local events by combining GPS location and event information from Eventful. All you have to do is select the events tab on the app’s homepage to look up current and upcoming local events, including concerts, plays and movies. The new version of Poynt is available for download from App World or OTA at m.poynt.com.

This new feature is a great new addition to the app that helps you better discover what’s near you. As more people use eventful, the app will become even more useful too. Let us know what sort of events you find near you with the new Poynt.