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TELUS BlackBerry Torch Now Available for Pre-Order


telus blackberry torch

TELUS is offering pre-orders of the BlackBerry Torch but it could be just for enterprise customers as the notice went out to business clients and the form connects you with a “solution specialist”. There are a lot of small businesses that are going to love the Torch, because it’s a great combination of fun and business. With the Torch, you get the easy navigation of the Storm, with the productivity and keyboard of the Bold. We’re expecting the TELUS Torch to launch on September 24th.

Head over to TELUS to pre-order the Torch.

Read our review of the BlackBerry Torch.

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Best Buy Announces Pre-Sale of BlackBerry Torch Today


blackberry torch

Best Buy let us know that they’re now accepting pre-orders for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from AT&T. The device doesn’t seem to be showing up on their site, but hopefully it will go live any minute now. The BlackBerry Torch from Best Buy Mobile will cost $199.99 with a new 2-year contract or upgrade purchase.

Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy mobile standalone store, or by going online at www.bestbuy.com/mobile.

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus available for pre-order


Mac over at PocketBerry spotted a pre-order BlackBerry Pearl 9100. Generally, pre-release devices will get out to ISVs around 6 weeks before the device actually launches. This gives them enough time to port their software so it will be ready once the device hits the market. That’s about the same time that we start seeing leaks hit the blogs. It’s also around this time that a lot of sites like PureMobile will list the device as available for pre-order, because they might get a few in stock, or they’ll just build up orders for when the device hits the market.

Personally, I wouldn’t go for any of these sites. Just wait until it hits your carrier and you might be able to leverage an upgrade plan to get it cheap.

[Hat tip @simonsage]

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Pre-order the BlackBerry Storm2 from Vodafone



The BlackBerry Storm2 is available for pre-order from Vodafone and it’s free with a new service plan. The service plan is reasonable and the fact that these devices are being offered for free is a huge step in device pricing.

The Storm2 pricing seems to be indicative of a much more competitive pricing model which could be traced to some improvements in the manufacturing process. Since RIM and carriers have much more freedom in pricing, we could see some great sales figures from this device. The original Storm retailed for a couple hundred dollars after a rebate, therefore this device is relatively cheap.

On a less positive note, it’s clear that the new way of naming the Storm as the Storm2 is confusing a lot of people. For example, the Vodafone website lists the device as the Storm2, but the title of the page is “BlackBerry Storm 2.” While I appreciate the marketing efforts to give the Storm a cool name, it’s not exactly the most practical marketing effort.

If you pre-order the Storm2 today, Vodafone says it will aim to deliver from October 26th.

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Best Buy to take BlackBerry Storm pre-orders


Great news for anyone looking to guarantee they get a Verizon BlackBerry Storm at launch. BGR has posted a flyer confirming that Best Buy will take BlackBerry Storm pre-orders with a $50 deposit, effective immediately. Best of all, Best Buy will receive enough inventory to cover all pre-ordered BlackBerry Storms! Official pricing has yet to be confirmed, but Best Buy is expecting it to fall somewhere between $199 and $299 on a 2 year activation. If you really know you want a Storm on day one, though, does pricing really matter?

|via BGR|