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BlackBerry to Push Ahead with Preloaded App World and Quality vs Quantity


I got a chance to speak with RIM’s Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, about BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry global app store has undergone some big changes since it’s launch in the fall of 2008, with lots of exciting things happening in the near future.

In that time, RIM has noticed some developer issues when bringing mobile apps from other platforms over to BlackBerry and App World. Many developers, in an effort to rush to market have discovered just how fickle the platform can be. Many problems arise from the large amount of device and OS combinations, resulting in a laundry list of bugs. Other apps are not optimized for the BlackBerry, or simply don’t apply some of the advantages the BlackBerry platform offers such push data services.

This minor epidemic of well-intentioned but badly executed apps has caused the App World experience for some developers to be a bit sour, especially when users give apps a bad rating for not performing as intended. Bouncing back from a bad rating in App World is quite difficult, as bad ratings curb downloads and users are less likely to give a badly rated app a good rating further exacerbating the problem, even after the bugs have been fixed.
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Zoompass App Now Preloaded on Bell Mobility Devices


Zoompass have announced that they are now preloaded on Bell devices and users should start seeing the app on the homescreen shortly. This isn’t breaking news because we know that Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, but it’s good to see how fast they’re moving. About a week ago, we saw the announcement that the Zoompass app was preloaded on TELUS, and at this pace we can expect a Rogers announcement next week.
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