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Premium BlackBerry Theme Throwdown: Lunars Edge


For the month of June, the BlackBerryCool Store is running a BlackBerry Theme Throwdown contest with some of the top premium BlackBerry theme designers. Each theme designer gets to choose five of their top-selling themes, one for each day (Mon-Fri), for a week of Deal of the Day promotions. Whoever sells the most themes in their week wins the “Theme Throwdown Champion 2010″ title.

Every BlackBerryCool reader that RTs the following tweet will be entered for a chance to win 10 free themes from their favorite theme designer:

RT and enter to win 10 free #LunarsEdge BlackBerry themes. 50% off a top theme from 5/31-6/4. See todays deal http://bit.ly/bB9GiL

For week one, Lunars Edge has submitted the following themes:

Monday: Ninjaberry
Tuesday: Cherry Blossom
Wednesday: iVista 360
Thursday: iBerry
Friday: Windows 7

Let us know which one you like best!

Windows Phone 7 User Interface Inspired Theme by Elecite Blue7


Elecite have a new theme called Blue7, inspired by the new Windows Phone 7 interface. The latest Blue7 theme features 4 large screens for quick access. Blue7 also gives you a large time and date reference, as well as it’s designed to show off any wallpapers you may have. With 11 customizable icons, a weather slot and 15 quick access icons, Blue7 gives you quick access to everything you may need.

Check out the Blue7 theme from Elecite.

Cool-Blue Phase Theme by Elecite Features Large Homescreen Icons


Phase is a new theme from Elecite that comes in a cool-blue color scheme. Phase features six large homescreen panels for quick access to your pics, options, browser, calendar, messages and address book. The icons are both unique are recognizable, a hard balance that any good theme needs to attain. Phase also features 9 customizable icon slots and it’s available for 4.7 and up.

Check out the latest Phase theme from Elecite.

Premium Rainbow BlackBerry Theme by Hedone Design


HedoneDesign have a new theme called Rainbow that features 6 user customizable icons (8 on the Storm), as well as 4 predefined icons (3 for the Storm), as well as a Today Preview and WeatherBug slot. This theme is very wallpaper friendly but I recommend sticking to the rainbow background. It reminds me of some of the preloaded wallpapers from BlackBerry but with a rainbow color scheme.

More information about the Rainbow Theme available in the BlackBerryCool Store.

New Elecite Theme Ember Makes Great Use of Homescreen


Elecite have launched a new theme called Ember for the Curve 8900, Bold 9000 and 9700, Storm 9500, and Tour 9600. Ember is a dark theme with 6-7 customizable icons, a weather slot, 9-11 locked “block” icons and a Today Preview area for the 8900, 9500, 9600 and 9700 devices.

Check out the Ember theme from Elecite.

Free Premium BlackBerry Theme Pure.Executive by Purelab


Purelab let us know that they have released their latest free theme called pure.executive. It’s rare that you come across such a well designed theme that’s free and so far I’m happy with it. The theme features 3 fixed icons, and 5 customizable icons. There are transitions and a couple shortcuts: space bar launches shortcutme or quicklaunch and ‘$’ launches SMS.

Download pure.executive OTA for the BlackBerry 8900, 9630 & 9700 on OS 5.

Download pure.executive OTA for the BlackBerry 9000 on OS 5.