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The Associated Press Launches 2 News Apps with Localized Content Delivery


American news agency the Associated Press launches two news apps on App World. AP Mobile world edition utilizes location-based services to deliver localized news. AP Móvil América Latina brings localized news to 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries in either Portugese or Spanish.

AP Móvil América Latina delivers news to 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Upon choosing their region, users receive news, weather and other information in Spanish or Portuguese specific to their chosen location.
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Extra! Extra! Newspaper on your BlackBerry!


ExtraWhile there’s something to be said about the charm of reading newspapers in good old-fashioned print, the times are a-changin’. PressDisplay has been hoarding digitized newsprint since ’99, and have today announced that their Mobile PressDisplay software is now available for BlackBerry. For a cool $29.95/month, you get access to over 500 newspapers across 70 countries in 37 languages on your handheld. Items are available for only two weeks following release, after which you have to a pay a buck per archived issue, which isn’t crazy at all. The service is compatible with the Curve, Pearl and BlackBerry 8800. PressDisplay offers blogging support, too. Hmmmm…