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Inside Apps Notifier: The Easiest Way To Monitor the App Store



Apps Notifier is an iOS tool that helps you track apps, vendors and keywords in the App Store. For consumers, this means that you can track your favorite apps for price drops, look for sales, and get notified when your favorite devs launch a new app. For developers and marketers this means you can keep track of the competition. Lawyers can even watch the App Store for trademark infringement.

Check out this article to see what Apps Notifier can do.

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Magmic’s Free Slots King Game Offers Crypt Keeper Theme For Halloween


Magmic’s free Slots King game is available for all BlackBerry smartphones and the game offers themes within the game so you can customize your slots experience. Gaming on BlackBerry is getting massively popular with developers on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook, and it’s good to see companies like Magmic still offering a premium gaming experience on legacy BlackBerry devices. It makes sense, there’s 80 million devices out there, making it a prime area for developers to make some money. Check out Slots King and let us know what you think.
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5 Must-Add Custom Search Engines for BlackBerry 7


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How To Use Your Pretzil Avatar in Texas Hold’em King Live by Magmic #THKLive



Texas Hold’em King Live (THKLive) by Magmic is a really interesting poker game that we’ve written about several times. The game uses in-app purchases and virtual currency for a poker experience unlike any other on BlackBerry. A little known fact about the game is that you can get access to a huge portfolio of avatars that can be used in game, by connecting your account to pretzil.com. Pretzil has a couple hundred avatars that can be unlocked and used in THKLive to make your poker experience even better. To use your avatar in THKLive, follow these steps:
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BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 SWAG Report


blackberry torch
AT&T are giving away free BlackBerry Torch’s for app ideas

We’re here at the BlackBerry DevCon and checking out the booths and SWAG. If you don’t know, SWAG is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. It’s always fun to see what companies are giving out so we thought we’d put together a little roundup of the free junk that companies give away.
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