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Ebscer Launches Free Mileage Tracker App for BlackBerry 10


Mileage Tracker for BlackBerry 10 is a financial app that keeps detailed information about fuel, efficiency, costs and the nature of the trip taken. Useful for users who want to keep track of their fuel efficiency or for people who use a car for business and need to keep good books for reimbursement.
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The New App World Vendor Agreement Changes Mean Higher Prices


UPDATE: I’ve been talking to more developers about this and lets just say that not everyone agrees with me. The message I’m getting is that while 30% seems like a lot, RIM’s margins with App World are going to be razor thin when they implement carrier billing. Carriers are going to want to take the majority of this 30%, if not all of it, and the lower revenue share may have been forced by the carriers themselves. While prices may go up in the short term to accommodate for this new revenue share agreement, prices may actually come down because more developers will see there is money to be made. More competition may ultimately drive prices down for everyone. Only time will tell.

As an update to the new App World agreement with vendors, that states RIM now take a 30% cut, putting them on par with Apple, and 10% less than Mobihand, I thought I would include the actual agreement itself.

It’s important to note that while this may have a negative impact on developers at first, rest assured they won’t be the ones to absorb this cost. In the end, it will be the user who will absorb this 10% loss in revenue. I’ve already spoken with several developers who have said they will be increasing their app’s price in App World to adjust for the loss. Considering App World has the most expensive applications compared to other smartphones, it’s a shame to know that these prices will continue to increase, rather than get cheaper.

Click through after the jump where we have the full App World agreement, complete with the new changes made and compared to the older document. In the below document, RED means that it was deleted from the agreement and BLUE means it was added.
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Rogers BlackBerry devices get price hike after budget shortfall


blackberry 8300 rogers

Rogers has been experiencing a $30 million budget shortfall and at the same time, Rogers recently enacted a price hike on the three-year contract prices for some of its most popular BlackBerry devices. The price increases saw the Curve 83xx go to $149.99 (up $50), Curve 8900 to $224.99 (up $25) and the Bold go to $299.99 (up $50). The following email from a Rogers exec, details the budget shortcomings:

On Wednesday, the senior executive team realized that they were over budget $30 million dollars on their cost of acquisition. How I don’t know why it took so long. [sic] They then did their knee jerk response. Your DBM’s and other local managers know nothing more than this and are in the dark as much as we are on this other than we were told VERBALLY that in market quotes would be honored for 30 days from today. The exception lists are due Monday and only for non named accounts. I have requested in every region for a positioning statement and to this moment have not heard a response. If it makes you feel any better the retail has even more uncertainty.

Is this a case of budget shortfalls being passed down to the consumer?


Two-for-one BlackBerry Curves from Telus


Telus is offering two BlackBerry 8330s for the price of one ($149.99 on a three year plan), and all you have to do is sign up for a share plan and e-mail. Colour swaps and price cuts are a few ways for CDMA carriers to pre-empt the BlackBerry Bold coming up for GSM competitors, and a two-for-one sale could equally sway anyone on the lookout for a BlackBerry in the near future. Any Canadian couples out there looking to take the BlackBerry plunge together should swing by their local Telus store to check it out, or take a look at the Telus online store.

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Verizon slashes BlackBerry prices


This week Verizon took a machete to their BlackBerry prices, knocking the BlackBerry Curve down to $99.99, the BlackBerry Pearl to $79.99, and the BlackBerry World Edition to $149.99, all on two-year plans and with online rebate. Of course all CDMA carriers are feeling a bit of a sting these days what with the BlackBerry Bold launching on GSM networks worldwide any day now. Cheap devices aren’t the only way they’re hunkering down until the BlackBerry 9000 someday makes the CDMA switch - word has it Bell will be rocking a few new colours of Curve and Pearl, in a similar attempt to keep pace with GSM. Of course, Verizon will have the BlackBerry Thunder in good time, which could present some competition if it’s not hitting up AT&T…

(Verizon via cellular-news)

BlackBerry Bold to match iPhone 3G pricing?


$199 for the BlackBerry 9000. Yet another reason to compare it to the iPhone 3G.

After swinging by our local Rogers shop to gawk at all the iPhone 3G fanboys and have a bit of a run at the demo unit myself, one of the reps mentioned that the BlackBerry Bold would be priced identically to the iPhone. $199 for the BlackBerry 9000 sounds reasonable, and would put it on fairly even footing with the iPhone, it’s just too bad that it won’t be quite as cheap as T-Mobile Germany’s Bold. Regardless, the hype for the iPhone 3G is going to be hard to beat.