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Rogers BlackBerry 8220 priced at $149.99


Rogers BlackBerry 8220

Well, so much for those dreams of a $50 pricetag. The latest Rogers ad materials are showing off the upcoming flip BlackBerry Pearl for $149.99 on a three-year contract – not what you’d call a generous back-to-school offer for the students who might be interested in grabbing one of these. Previous info was confirming a $50 promotion, but at this point it’s all up in the air until launch, ballparked for around mid-September. Word has it T-Mobile customers will also be getting the Kickstart – hopefully they’ll have more humane pricing.

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Second picture of promo material and BlackBerry 8220 specifications behind the jump!

Rogers BlackBerry 8220 confirmed at $50


BlackBerry Pearl 8220 from Rogers

There’s been some speedy solidifcation of the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 prices that were leaked earlier this morning, with sources confirming a $49.99 promotional deal on the handset with a three-year plan, which will eventually go up to $99.99. Rogers reps will be pimping this one out with a $45 student plan which will include

  • 450 Weekday Minutes
  • Unlimited Evenings and Weekends starting at 6pm
  • MY5 Canada-Wide (Unlimited talk, SMS, and MMS to any five numbers in Canada)
  • Unlimited Local Incoming Minutes
  • $5 off Value Pack for duration of contract

The plans, which need to include e-mail and a Value Pack, total to $75 and up, which, sad as it may be, is standard for Canadian students.

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More Rogers BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry 8220 pricing details


Rogers BlackBerry Bold pricing

Some fresh screengrabs from a Rogers order form is showing the BlackBerry Bold for $899.99 and the BlackBerry 8220 (a.k.a Kickstart) for $599.99, presumably unsubsidized. The final cost is looking like $275 on a three-year plan, which would put it in the same ballpark as our previous expectations of the BlackBerry 9000 matching iPhone pricing. As for the new flip BlackBerry Pearl, they’re going to have to do some serious discounting if it’s really going to hit that $50 sweet spot. The $30 6GB plan which had been previously set up to lure in iPhone customers has also been extended to all Q3 BlackBerrys. We had been a little anxious to sign on to the sweet deal, since it was slated to finish at the end of the summer, but it makes sense to keep the plan around for the BlackBerry 9000 launch. Last we heard, the BlackBerry Bold was to be available on August 19th., but that date has been pushed back so many times that it’s hard to take the rumours seriously at this point. The BlackBerry 8220 should be landing mid-September in all its flippy goodness.

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Still can’t wait? Check out the BlackBerry Bold and known BlackBerry 8220 specs behind the jump!

BlackBerry Bold coming soon to Austria


BlackBerry Bold from A1

While Austria usually tends to get stuff shortly after Germany, it looks like they’ll be getting it right on time with everyone else when it comes to the BlackBerry Bold. A1 will shortly be offering the BlackBerry 9000 for € 249,00 ($US 399), presumably with a contract considering the T-Mobile Germany price was clocking in at €550 ($US 880). T-Mobile will also be offering the BlackBerry Bold in Austra, if this Ebay auction is any indication. While we’ve heard about a lot of the larger countries (Australia, Canada, United States, Germany, etc.) getting the BlackBerry Bold lovin’, it’s good to see that the launch is reaching as far and wide as possible.

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