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PrintJinni Remote Printing App With 30-Day Free Trial


There are a few remote printing apps out there right now for BlackBerry and a relative newcomer to the space is PrintJinni. The app allows you to print a variety of file formats including Microsoft Office, PDF, photos/images, email documents and web pages to supported printers and MFPs. The app doesn’t require any client/server software and will detect supported printers on a WiFi network and print directly to that printer.
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SXSW: HP ePrint – Fully Integrated to BlackBerry First



To survive South by Southwest (SXSW) 2011, I needed mobile apps. Whether I was sampling a new group chat option, sharing contacts through Twitter or just checking an online map for directions I relied heavily on mobile apps. And so did just about everyone else, as evidenced by all of the chins stuck to chests with lighted faces. But for those of us with BlackBerry smartphones, the new and promoted apps at this event were mostly out of our reach. I lost track of how many new mobile app companies who said, “it’s available on [x], but BlackBerry is on the roadmap…”.
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ThinPrint Launches .print Personal Printing Through QR Barcodes



ThinPrint has launched a new service called .print Printing Essentials that allows secure printing with user authentication through a BlackBerry and QR Barcodes. Features of the service include:

  • ThinPrint ensures that only an authorized user can collect the print job
  • Users identify themselves at the printer via scanning the QR barcode on their BlackBerry
  • Print jobs are safely stored on the server until the user decides to pick up the print job at any printer
  • The solution is secure and reduces paper and toner use

More details available from the ThinPrint site.

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Ricoh Updates HotSpot Printing App with Global Printer Directory


blackberry hotspot printing

Ricoh has released a new version of their mobile printing app called Hotpot. The app leverages a global printer directory with over 4,000 publicly available printers today. The app is designed to take full advantage of the newest blackberry features and was included in the press release for regional winners in the Super App challenge.
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Tazzle IT: Easy, secure printing and file transfers from your BlackBerry to your desktop



The Tazzle IT system offers quick, easy, and secure desktop viewing and printing for files and photos on your BlackBerry. This easy to set up USB Bluetooth device provides secure access to your BlackBerry files from your PC.

The fastest and easiest way to view, print and send e-mail message content, attachments, files, and photos from a BlackBerry® smartphone to any PC using Tazzle Desktop Software. This unique hardware and software combination effectively turns the PC into an instant peripheral for a BlackBerry smartphone, allowing direct access to the PC’s screen, printing, and storage capabilities, while securing the privacy and data on the smartphone and the PC.

Here’s a video detailing how easy it is to set up and use Tazzle IT.

Tazzle IT is recommended for most newer model BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900, and BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphones. While Tazzle IT will run on older BlackBerry devices, performance on these devices has not been optimized. The Tazzle IT Desktop Software runs on Windows XP. Tazzle IT is priced at $79.95 and on sale at www.tazzleit.com.


Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)



This week we had the chance to talk with Cortado’s Henning Volkmer and Roger Guerrero about their recently-launched Corporate Server software for small and medium companies, branching to a lot of interesting topics, like the the continuing importance of printing documents (even in the digital age), dreams of leaving every laptop behind, the particular needs of SMBs and their partnership with DataViz. Take a listen to our interview with Cortado, also available on MP3.

Excerpt and interview behind the jump!