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PrivacyStar by First Orion Updated to Version 2.0 with Revamped UI and More



First Orion has released PrivacyStar 2.0, a popular app that provides call blocking, caller ID via reverse Caller Lookup and the ability to report Do Not Call violators in the United States and Canada. The latest version of PrivacyStar features a completely redesigned UI, as well as the ability to report unfair debt collection practices and support for BlackBerry OS 6. The app also features:
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PrivacyStar by First Orion with Crowdsourced Data to Block Spam Calls


First Orion announced an update to its popular PrivacyStar app for BlackBerry. PrivacyStar is a call blocking and reverse caller lookup app that now features SmartBlock, a service that takes the top blocked numbers from amongst PrivacyStar subscribers and proactively blocks them across its entire user base. PrivacyStar also features a new Do Not Disturb function that allows users to redirect callers to their voicemail while simultaneously sending them a text message acknowledging their call.
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PrivacyStar Weekend Promo – Every 25th User Gets Free Subscription


PrivacyStar are currently running a great promo for the long weekend and Memorial Day. Every 25th person who registers to PrivacyStar through BlackBerry App World will receive a free annual subscription. PrivacyStar comes with a free 7-day trial, so you can take a shot at winning the annual subscription with no commitment. It’s worth a shot! The promotion ends on Monday, May 31st at midnight (ET).

Download PrivacyStar from BlackBerry App World.

PrivacyStar Call Blocking Software Now Available in Canada


I didn’t know this but apparently March is Fraud Awareness Month in Canada. In conjunction with this announcement, PrivacyStar have let us know that their app is now available in Canada via App World. PrivacyStar allows users to report telemarketers to Canada’s Do Not Call Resitry, in the hopes of keeping everyone’s phone clean of unwanted calls.

See PrivacyStar in the BlackBerryCool Store for more information.

PrivacyStar – 5 One Year Giveaways


Are you tired of knuckleheads calling you to offer glaucoma surgery for your dog in Guatemala? Are you a person that is called on your BlackBerry for a long distance offer and you respond with “how long is it?” Well, if the fun is gone from tormenting telemarketing drones, read on. Why? Well, PrivacyStar, is giving away 5 one year subscriptions to its service to help you provide these pesky callers an atomic wedgie and a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick to the face *THWAP*.

What does PrivacyStar do, exactly? Let me call the horse and have him tell you straight from his mouth. *whistles*.

PrivacyStar is a simple-to-use mobile app that enables users to take complete control of their phones by blocking any and all unwanted callers, using Caller Lookup to identify unknown callers and easily report unwanted telemarketing violators to regulatory enforcement authorities.

Sound good? Leave us a comment, we’ll use some special algorithm and knock out five winners by Monday. Good luck!

First Orion launch PrivacyStar to block telemarketers and report offenders



First Orion have announced PrivacyStar, a new BlackBerry app that allows users to block calls from telemarketers, automatically report Do Not Call Registry violators to the Federal Trade Commission, reverse lookup unknown calls and more.

Here are some features and a quick breakdown of the app:

  • Simple to Use – After receiving an unwanted call, select the number from the call log to add to the Privacy List and that call will be blocked in the future.
  • Report Potential Telemarketing Violations – Upon the user’s request, PrivacyStar captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. PrivacyStar easily allows users to provide this information to law enforcement authorities so they may take action.
  • Caller Lookup – After receiving a call from a number that is not recognized (not in the contacts list), PrivacyStar Caller Lookup allows a user to identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List.
  • Web Portal – Utilize the fully integrated personal web portal to manage blocked callers (including unblocking), provide additional details on violations and manage their PrivacyStar account.

PrivacyStar is available free for the first 30 days, and costs $2.99 per month afterwards.