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WES 2010: Talking BlackBerry Chipsets and Processing Power


The PC innovation boom of the mid-90s was an interesting time. With rapid advancement in processor clock speed, other components couldn’t keep up. What does it matter if you have a good processor, if your hard drive or your memory bus is causing bottlenecks?

In talking with people here at WES, I’ve come to understand a little bit more about BlackBerry, and how it differs from PC engineering. Heat and power-draw can’t be easily engineered around with roomy cooling or big batteries. Engineering advancement on the mobile is a fine art of balancing compromises.

There’s a bit less of a processor focus with the BlackBerry platform. The platform started off as an email device and only recently became a mobile multitasking dynamo. Looking at the last two years of devices, users have begun to take notice of the processor specs.
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Leaked shots turn out to be new 8XXX model?


8XXXSo that shot from the other day was, in fact, legit. Leaked Vodafone docs show that this new device due out in May will be packing quad-band GSM, HSDPA, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 2.0 megapixel camera, a 624 MHz processor, a 480 x 320 screen (up from the current 320 x 240 standard), and a 1500mAh battery (up from the 8800’s 1400 mAh). As for carrier, the Rogers logo has been spotted on it, so we can expect it in Canada soon, too. The stats match up previous 9000 series info. Based on these specs, the only 8800-series device that might survive is the 8830 for those who happen to hop on CDMA networks – GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera all in one device really does blow everything else out of the water. In fact, if we’re just running on the slideshow, the possibility of this one being an inaugural 9000-series device still seems entirely possible. What do you guys think? The BlackBerry 8900 or the 9000? One way or the other, this thing is sounding pretty sweet.