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MicroVision Announces Micro-Projector SHOWWX with BlackBerry PlayBook Compatibility


SHOWWX playbook projector

MicroVision has recently launched a pretty cool micro-projector that has an HDMI connection, making it compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook. The device is an ultra-miniature laser display that joins a family of pocket-size laser pico projectors. The device has a quick start feature that offers immediate startup and offers true display mirroring. According to the manufacturers, you can display images at sizes greater than 100 inches in a matter of seconds. Since the SHOWWX uses MicroVision’s in-motion laser display technology, the image doesn’t suffer from deterioration or “color break-up” that often occurs with other projection technologies.

SHOWWX+ HDMI is currently available in North America for pre-order on microvision.com and amazon at an MSRP of $369. A full suite of optional accessories, including spare batteries, extended HDMI cables, VGA docks, car chargers and carrying cases are available on the MicroVision online store and from authorized distributors.

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Pico projector for BlackBerry


Here’s a cool little toy coming from Texas Intrsuments…Microvision was working on something similar, so it’s clearly a technology that’s gaining some popularity. For on-the-spot business presentations, I could see the use, but would the battery hold out for the length of a movie? TV show?

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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Microvision


Microvision logoMicrovision makes some of the neatest mobile hardware I’ve come across so far. Their micro-projector technology can be embedded into a device when it’s manufactured, or used in a standalone version that attaches to your phone. Either one can be used to project images, videos, presentations, etc. onto any surface you could use a real projector on. Even cooler, they’re working on technology that would use the PicoP projection engine to stream whatever is on your phone straight to your glasses. The glasses can be completely opaque for an immersive experience or partially transparent if you want to walk around the mall while you’re wearing them. I’m sure they’ll put on quite a show at WES.

Review: Impatica ShowMate


Impatica ShowMateWe saw this thing during WES and thought the idea was pretty cool, but $250 bucks for a PowerPoint brick seemed like a little much. Regardless, there is an ample market for salespeople who do a lot of corporate presentations to have something like this kicking around the office, making it a worthy investment. We had a brief look over the ShowMate a while ago, and thought it merited a closer look.

In short, the Impatica ShowMate allows you to review and conduct PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry. After installing a handheld and desktop client, you convert the presentations into a compressed format and transfer the file by USB to your BlackBerry. A bundled Impatica Slide Viewer lets you view the compressed presentations. Grabbing your ShowMate, you go to your presentation location, hook it up to the projector and pair up your BlackBerry to it via Bluetooth. From your BlackBerry you can change slides and view notes.

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