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Review: Proporta Alu-Leather Case


Shortly after tossing my damaged screen protector in the trash, I got Proporta’s Alu-Leather Flip Type Case in the mail. After all that talk about protection, this case looked ready to fit the bill right out of the box. The cover was rigid, lightweight aluminum, and the 8800 fit nice and tight into two beefy bracers on the side, and a tough stubby one at the bottom. The flap clipped shut with a snappy little magnet near the bottom, and the inside of the top flap flashed some of the aluminum emblazoned with the Proporta logo.

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Review: Proporta Advanced Screen Protector


So, a few weeks ago, I bumped into the corner of a wall while walking and doing some BlackBerry business at the same time. We all do it. Don’t judge me. Scraped the ol’ 8700 against a wall, resulting in some unsightly surface damage. More importantly, it was pretty close to the screen proper, which got me pretty nervous about inflicting lasting damage to the device. No, I will NOT be more responsible and start looking where I’m walking.

Luckily, Proporta had dropped me a line the day before telling my about some new screen protectors they were carrying. Working my wiles, I managed to get them to ship me one of their Advanced Screen Protectors. Sage, you sly fox, you.

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