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SFR and RIM Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in France


Press Release

BlackBerry Curve 8900Paris, France and Waterloo, Canada – SFR and Research In Motion today announced that SFR will offer the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone. Customers will be able to purchase the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from the SFR online store starting January 31st 2009 and in SFR retail outlets in February 2009.

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet, and sports a sleek, refined design that is extremely comfortable in the hand. In addition, it has a dazzling high-resolution display (480 x 360) and a fast processor for snappy performance. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone is supported on BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server and will be available from €99 including taxes in conjunction with SFR’s Illimythics service plans and €109 excluding taxes with SFR Business Team Pro service plans.

Users will also be able to benefit from the Business Mail Illimité service plan and SFR Find & Go navigation services:

Business Mail special offer from SFR – available from January 21st to March 24 2009:

    * Business Mail Illimité is available for €1/month for a 2-month period with the ‘Illimythics 3G+’ and ‘Pro’ service plans (then €4,90/month with the ‘Illimythics Pro 3 hours’ and ‘Illimythics Pro 4 hours’ service plans and €9 with ‘Illimythics 3G+’ service plan).
    * Business Mail Illimité is also still available for free with the ‘Illimythics Pro 5 hours and more’ service plans

SFR Find & Go special offer:

    * SFR Find & Go available at €1/month* for a 2-month period with the ‘Illimythics 3G+’ and ‘Pro’ service plans for 5€/month**

Business Mail and SFR Find & Go special offers are available from 21/01/09 to 24/03/09 for new subscribers of an Illimythics 3G+ or Pro service plan (on a 12 month minimum contract) with compatible mobile phones. More details are available at www.sfr.fr.

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BeamReader now available for purchase!


BeamReader for BlackBerry

A few weeks ago we had reported BeamReader had left beta and was available in a finished state. BeamReader is a full fidelity native PDF viewing application for BlackBerry and drew ‘oohs and awes’ at the BlackBerry Cool 15 event. We’re delighted to tell you that BeamReader is now available in the BlackBerry Cool Store for $19.99! Click the link below corresponding to your OS and find out why the BlackBerry Partners Fund was willing to write these guys an oversized check.

BeamReader for BlackBerry

Download BeamReader for OS 4.7 (FREE TRIAL)
Download BeamReader for OS 4.6 (FREE TRIAL)
Download BeamReader for OS 4.5 (FREE TRIAL)


How to: tether your Linux notebook to your BlackBerry


Ever wanted to tether your Linux notebook to your BlackBerry? Me neither, but I have wanted to tether my MacBook to my BlackBerry, and considering the difficulties getting that done, I can sympathize with an even more marginalized demographic.

Interested Linux users will need to download Barry, an open source application that not only allows you to tether your BlackBerry to your Linux notebook, but also provides synchronization, backup and restore and program management options. Here’s a full list of Barry’s services:

    * charge your Blackberry’s battery from your USB port
    * retrieve Address Book, Email, Calendar, Service Book, Memos, Tasks, PIN Messages, Saved Email, and Folders
    * export Address Book contacts in text or LDAP LDIF format
    * make full data backups and restores of your device using a GUI
    * synchronize contacts and calendar items using the OpenSync framework
    * use the Blackberry as a modem

To download Barry and find instructions on how to get started, click the link below.

Barry – BlackBerry synchronization for Linux

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Sprint to release BlackBerry Niagara this quarter?


While pretty much any GSM subscriber in the world that wants a BlackBerry Bold can now easily get one from their carrier, things have not been so easy for those CDMA subscribers. Our poor friends on Sprint and Verizon (and Telus and Bell) have been waiting patiently for world on release dates of the BlackBerry Niagara (the CDMA Bold/8830 successor), but news has been slim since early October.

Thankfully, Engadget Mobile is reporting that Sprint is looking to release the BlackBerry Niagara sometime this quarter. The CDMA Bold variant would feature a 3.2 MPx camera, aGPS, Wi-Fi, EV-DO Rev. A, a gorgeous HVGA screen and possibly an updated design to make it similar in style to the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Storm. Obviously, ‘this quarter’ is fairly vague, but I know it will make at least one person happy. We’ll post more as it comes!

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20 great productivity and organization applications for your BlackBerry


Did you get a new BlackBerry this holiday? Are you looking to trick it out with some sweet applications? Mashable has come to the rescue, posting their top 20 productivity and organization applications for BlackBerry. While the list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a great starting point and we agree with pretty much everything on this list. You can find links to the 20 apps after the jump or check out Mashable’s original article below.

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20 great productivity and organization applications for your BlackBerry

momentem: Power Software (Nan the Power User)


Momentem for BlackBerry
Nan the Power User

Welcome back, BlackBerry Nation, to Nan the Power User! Today, we are going to check out Momentem from Redwood Technologies. Momentem is time tracking software that helps you squeeze every last drop of billable time from your BlackBerry. Let me start by disclosing that I typically don’t purchase software for my BlackBerry. I’m a deal hunter who looks for free apps or beta tests to slide in for free. Further, monthly subscriptions scare me more than rattlesnakes in the floorboard of the Jeep at the ranch. (Everyone else is folksy these days; I wanted to take a stab at it.) So when I was asked to check out Momentem at $9.99 per month, I was prepared not to like it.

Nan’s Momentem Review