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BlackBerry Bold launches in Denmark


BlackBerry Bold

Our Danish friends are getting a nice little present from RIM and 3 just in time for Christmas, with the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold. By now, 5 months after its initial launch, most of you know why the Bold is such a great stocking stuffer: 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, all rolled into one slim, sexy package with a HVGA screen.

3Business is offering the BlackBerry Bold for DKK 319.20 on an 18 month contract or for DKK 1,999 straight up. You can find out more information at their website below, but make sure to check out our exhaustive BlackBerry Bold review first. Merry Christmas, Danes!

The Ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)


WorldMate Live giving $100 rebates for hotel bookings (‘Cool Deals)


Popular BlackBerry travel application WorldMate Live has been offering client-side hotel booking since August of this year. Since then, WorldMate must have noticed a drop off in use of this excellent feature due to the global recession, because they’re now going out of their way to put a little extra money in our pockets.

Starting today, from either your BlackBerry or desktop computer, all WorldMate Live hotel bookings are elibible for up to a $100 rebate, which is great for me because I never stay in a hotel that costs more than $20 anyways.

If you haven’t yet checked out WorldMate Live, now might be a good time to start. Watch the funny video above, and then point your browser to https://www.worldmatelive.com/.


S4BB launches ActionPad open beta


The fine folks over at S4BB just let me know that they have a new production in their popular line of productivity applications for BlackBerry (S4BB also makes both NextAction! and TaskMaster for BlackBerry). Dubbed ActionPad, the application is now in open beta for members of the BlackBerry Nation to try out.

ActionPad Beta 1 feature list:

    – Quick: 2 click memo creation.
    – Category quick switch: known from TaskMaster(TM) and NextAction!.
    – Supports multiple categories.
    – Export memo to / send memo via EMail.
    – Compatible with desktop memo applications. more…
    – 3 Font sizes: small, medium, large.
    – 100% compatible with internal Blackberry® Memo(TM) Application.
    – Functions: add / edit / delete memo, add / delete category.

The ActionPad beta test is totally free of charge and open to everyone. Just head to the link below to download the application, and don’t forget to leave lots of helpful feedback!

ActionPad for BlackBerry Beta Site: http://www.s4bb.com/the-beta-program/#actionpad


BlackBerry Curve coming to Carphone Warehouse December 20th


With all the BlackBerry Storm launch news overtaking Canada, BlackBerry Cool has sadly neglected BlackBerry launches in the rest of the world. No longer! Expect this to be the first of many launch posts.

Carphone Warehouse and RIM announced that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will go on sale on December 20th in UK stores nationwide and on their website, www.carphonewarehouse.com.

Ross Yealland, Head of New Propositions at The Carphone Warehouse said “The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 is destined to become a stylish must have phone. We predict both new and existing customers will be fighting to get their hands on one from launch.”

Our UK friends will be able to get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for free on an 18 month contract and £35.00 line rental. Sounds like a great price for the next-gen Curve.

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 officially announced


Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900

With word of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 quietly shipping to corporate customers over the weekend, you knew it was only a matter of time before the official announcement dropped. Today, RIM and Rogers jointly announced the BlackBerry Curve 8900, which mixes the power and sexy of the BlackBerry Bold with the standard Curve form factor, minus the 3G.

“Rogers is thrilled to offer Canadians the exclusive BlackBerry Curve 8900, the smallest full-QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone to enter the market,” said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. “With its ingenious design and stunning display, leading-edge mobile messaging system and compatibility with Rogers TalkSpot, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 strikes the right balance between serious business tool and social lifeline.”

Rogers is selling the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for $179.99 on a 3-year contract and $45 dollar plan. Check out the BlackBerry Curve 8900 specs after the jump or head to the links below for more info.


BlackBerry Curve 8900 specs

ExSafe now available for BlackBerry


We’ve got some great news from one of our BlackBerry Cool 15 presenters, ExSafe. ExSafe takes control of the Microsoft Office application suite, storing documents away from vulnerable local disks and servers in a highly secure online storage environment. ExSafe is now officially available for public consumption, and has been successfully tested on Vodafone, O2 and AT&T networks (with more to come shortly).

You can purchase ExSafe or download a one week free trial by clicking the links below. A word of warning: we’ve been told that ExSafe gets a little glitchy if your BlackBerry is attached to a computer via USB, but simply unplugging the device will eliminate any problems.

ExSafe for BlackBerry (Free one week trial!)
Purchase ExSafe for BlackBerry!