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BlackBerry Messenger 7 Public Beta Goes Live with Free Voice Calling


RIM has announced that BlackBerry Messenger 7 has begun an open beta in Beta Zone. BBM is receiving an outstanding new feature in BBM7: free voice calls.
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Send Short Voice Messages Over BBM With Free VVM Messenger App (Beta)


Sending short voice messages over BBM is a fun idea. It may not be the most efficient way to communicate, but if it’s something that requires tone, sarcasm or any emotion, then text probably won’t do it justice. From the same developer that brought you the Viira GTD, you can send short voice messages over BBM with this free Beta app called VVM Messenger.
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Voice Messaging Service NextMail Coming to Sprint BlackBerrys


sprint logo

Sprint Nextel has announced that it is rolling out a new service called NextMail, powered by Pacific DataVision, that will be available across all Sprint BlackBerry Curves. With NextMail, users can wirelessly dictate important messages while on-the-go, to an individual or group, by simply making a call from their cellular phone. NextMail’s messaging services allow you to speak your message, hang up, and the voice message is sent to the recipient’s email inbox as a voice-recorded mail. This service should be handy for users who are in the field and want a fast way to communicate, that’s sort of like email for PTT. NextMail costs $7.50 per month and NextMail Pro costs $19.99 per month.

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launch Rumored in May 2010


There is a rumor that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which we originally thought was going to be the Tour2 9650, will launch in May of this year. There is a lot of speculation about why RIM chose to go with the Bold 9650 versus the Tour brand, and most likely it’s because owners of the Tour 9630 would harbor some resentment that an update to their device came out so soon after they purchased their BlackBerry. To mitigate this possible PR disaster, RIM marketing have decided to go with the Bold label. It’s sort of funny how easy the general public can be misled with a simple marketing twist. Speaking of Tour devices, it also looks like a Verizon OS 5 upgrade will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks and will include PTT for an extra $5 per month.

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Send your friends PTT messages with new TELUS web app


8350i TELUS

TELUS has a new demo app on noordinaryphone.com that allows users to try the text-to-speech function of the TELUS Mike push to talk handsets. This includes the BlackBerry Curve 8330i that was launched with NASCAR in Toronto Canada. The best part of this new demo that you can create funny messages and send it to your friends. If you’ve never tried MIKE PTT, head over to the site and give it a shot.


Telus BlackBerry Curve 8350i Launch — Ian Willis interview


Here’s some more video goodness of our time at AIM Autosport for the Telus BlackBerry Curve 8350i launch event. I had a great time talking to Ian Willis, one of the founders of AIM, about a variety of things: why his company needs a PTT BlackBerry running on the Mike network, how cool his car is, and a special project he’s working on with RIM/Telus (it’s quite cool). Ian is actually a BlackBerry Cool reader and also gave us a nice shout out. If you want to learn more about AIM (they have a great team and wicked cars), you can check out another video about them after the jump, or a link to their website below.

AIM Autosport Website

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