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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Cortado


Cortado logoCortado has a bunch of solutions for consumers and enterprises. Right off the bat, they’ve got a free email offer for mobile phones, offering push email and a web interface. For enterprise customers, they have a server solution that allows you to copy files from the server to your BlackBerry and vice versa. This allows some neat applications such as saving emails to the server to share them, or picking any document on it and sending it via email right from your phone. They also have a printing app that will print off pretty much anything on your BlackBerry to a Bluetooth-compatible printer quickly and easily. There are way too many product to mention them all here, so be sure to check ‘em out at WES for some demos.

Want a free crash course in BlackBerry e-mail? Read this.


PCAuthorityThere’s a great, well-explained article on PCAuthority that lays out the broad strokes of BIS, BES, NOCs and push e-mail that’s useful to anyone trying to figure out what’s happening behind the scenes. Winder and Ockenden take the time to explain how to set up a BIS account to receive e-mails as fast as BES, as well as comparing Windows Mobile’s services against RIM’s. Not only is it a read that can give you some practical hints, but for those of us who aren’t entirely in the know, it feels good to have the backend technology demystified a bit.

ThoughtPiece: Should RIM make a BlackBerry Client for the iPhone?


iPhoneThe iPhone is surely the most anticipated cell phone ever, and will most likely go on to sell quite a few copies. It then makes sense to ask if RIM should consider making a BlackBerry email client for the iPhone (assuming Apple would allow that).

First, the advantage: RIM could gain incremental revenue from the sale of the software and the service to many of those iPhone users. One question is how many iPhone users will see push email as a priority. As analyst Robert Semple from Credit Suisse writes, “We do not believe the iPhone is aimed at smart phones, rather, it is designed to expand the high end of the traditional mobile phone market.”
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