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Motorola’s push e-mail offers IT utilities


GoodSo long as we’re talking about BlackBerry alternatives, Motorola’s recently-acquired Good Technology Group has included security and management functions with the latest version of their mobile e-mail app, Good Mobile messaging 5. This includes implementing IT policies (such as restricting and allowing software on mobiles), locking devices, and encrypted e-mail support. The software is only working on Palm and Windows Mobile right now since BlackBerry already has push e-mail, but a stand-alone IT security suite on BlackBerry could sell, if Motorola were so inclined.
Full IT features behind the jump.

Push e-mail competitor bashes RIM over French ban


emozeMan, these guys really like gunning for RIM, don’t they? emoze has taken a golden opportunity to kick RIM while they’re down, in what’s supposed to pass as a press release. I have no idea since when “ha ha, you guys suck, we’re awesome” qualified as a press release, but there you go. It might be easy to brush emoze off as small potatoes compared to BlackBerry’s push e-mail, but the fact remains that governing bodies could use an alternative push e-mail client with more security. According to some emoze is solid. Although no particular threat to RIM’s success, emoze does have the capability to offer services where RIM can’t.