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Ontario BlackBerry users no longer allowed to email while driving


Yesterday, Ontario, Canada passed legislation that stipulates drivers can no longer use their handsets to call, email, SMS or chat. The penalties are around $500 per infraction beginning early next year.

There are a lot of BlackBerry users out there that like to send email and SMS while driving, so what should they do? There are several companies that manufacture hands-free devices, but are these the alternative we should be looking for? There is very little evidence to suggest that these products are actually making drivers safer.

Driving while having a conversation will ultimately distract putting yourself and others in danger. While the hands-free accessory can help keep your eyes on the road, it doesn’t address the issue of reaction times. Reaction times will always be diminished when someone is having a conversation.

If you’re a driver who is looking for a hands-free accessory, you could choose the BlueAnt Q1, the BlackBerry VM605 or a software solution like Vlingo.

Or, you could just wait until you get to where you’re going.

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