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5 Products That Would Be Awesome If Branded BlackBerry


Cool CTV video showing some of the ways QNX can be used other than PlayBook.

You really get the feeling a new age is dawning with RIM. With the acquisitions of QNX, TAT and Torch Mobile, there’s a lot of potential on the horizon. Also, consumers are demanding a lot more than just smartphones and RIM’s first foray into the tablet market shows its willingness to enter relatively new markets. Companies like Apple and Google are well diversified in the products they offer, and RIM still seems like a bit of a one trick pony. But if RIM were to enter more markets with the BlackBerry brand, here are 5 we would love to see:
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QNX Rep Talks a Little About PlayBook at the Embedded World Conference


YouTube Link

At the Embedded World conference in Germany, QNX had a booth and the company was presenting the PlayBook. We’ve heard a lot about the PlayBook and it looks like it’s a month away from being ready to ship. Above is a quick interview with a QNX rep about some of the features of the PlayBook and the partnerships that made the PlayBook possible.

OK RIM and QNX, we’re ready for this tablet. Ship please.

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QNX Software Syncs Up Concept Corvette with BlackBerry PlayBook and More


The QNX OS is a versatile platform and while we have seen the PlayBook pairing already, it’s even better to see it in a super-charged car such as a concept Corvette. WIRED took the concept Corvette for a spin and showed off how the car can sync with a PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry smartphone, iPhone and internet services with the car’s own electronics. If you spend a long time commuting, it wouldn’t be a problem getting stuck in traffic with this many gadgets.

More video from Wired available here.

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Dealing With the Redundancies in BlackBerry 6


blackberry universal search

The BlackBerry community seems very focused on the QNX OS these days but we won’t be seeing QNX smartphones until 2012 at least. With the PlayBook announcements, the conversation is shifting away from imperfections in the current platform, and towards the future smartphone and OS we won’t see for some time to come. The conversation needs to be pulled back to BlackBerry 6, and what RIM can do with OS updates to make the experience better for current BlackBerry users. Something that has become glaringly obvious with BlackBerry 6, is the amount of redundancy that is built into the OS. And I don’t mean redundancy in the fail-safe way. I mean it in the “I see this icon/feature implemented in several places and it’s starting to annoy me” way.
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CES 2011: QNX Demos Concept Car with PlayBook Integration


At CES 2011, QNX had a concept car with their embedded OS and support for the PlayBook, BlackBerry and iPhone. The PlayBook demonstration was dipped in weak sauce and really only showed climate controls and some basic media player functionality. Other than that, the demo showed some pretty basic support for short text-based messages and a cross-platform user interface which could be embedded in a variety of different car models.

If this sort of system is going to work, it’s going to have to have a lot in the way of voice controls. You can’t have drivers using a touchscreen while driving. Also, RIM is going to have to figure out how the PlayBook, BlackBerry and car are all going to communicate email, calendar and app information so that it’s of use to the driver.

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Mike Lazaridis Talks About Upcoming QNX-Powered BlackBerry Super Phones


blackberry torch with qnx os mockup

At CES 2011, Mike Lazaridis confirmed again that we will be seeing QNX-powered Super Phones as part of RIM’s 10 year plan to stay competitive in the market. The upcoming BlackBerry Super Phones (wasn’t that a term coined by Google?) will be based on dual-core processors, the QNX OS and the UI will look very much like a shrunked-own PlayBook. The new Super Phones will support three types of apps: Java, Adobe Air and native apps using OpenGL.

The downside to all of this is that we won’t be seeing these devices in 2011, and probably not even 2012. The plan for BlackBerry Super Phones is part of a ten year plan and there are a few To Do’s before we can see these implemented. The next generation of BlackBerry smartphones needs to be optimized for battery life, size, weight, thickness and cost. Another interesting tidbit when it comes to RIM’s smartphone plans, is that Mike Lazaridis doesn’t see a point in 4G BlackBerrys, something we’ve been expecting for some time.

Read more from PC Mag at this link.

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