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Did BlackBerry’s QNX Connected Car Miss A Cross-Platform Opportunity?


YOU.i is a company that specializes in User Interface design and User Experience. The company has recently announced a cross-platform, connected car concept called The HIVE, that has some interesting implications for companies like QNX. YOU.i even calls BlackBerry out specifically, saying “companies like BlackBerry owned QNX missed a big opportunity at CES.” It’s an interesting point and BlackBerry could very well be going in this direction. BBM and BES 10 are both cross-platform, and QNX going cross-platform with infotainment is surely part of the plan.
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QNX and Other Ottawa Technology Companies Making Headlines at CES 2014


Piper by Blacksumac

Ottawa’s technology companies are driving some of the most important headlines at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this year. Both large companies and small startups from Ottawa are disrupting industries and challenging incumbents from around the world. Here is a look at some of those companies that are putting Ottawa on the map at the world’s largest consumer technology conference.

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13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixing


I’ve had a BlackBerry Z10 now since the launch in NYC and while it’s a fun touchscreen device, there are still, to this day, bugs in the OS that give me headaches. Perhaps BlackBerry needs to invest more money in QA, or perhaps I just have some weird magnetic field around my body that breaks technology. Either way, if other, less forgiving users, had the same headaches I’ve been getting with a device, they would probably be switching to another device or platforms. I’ve documented just 13 of the common headaches I’ve been getting with my Z10 and keep in mind, these are all still happening to this day, even on the latest OS There are some I haven’t documented but could describe, such as the odd times when my browser doesn’t provide me any options other than to exit and I have no idea why. Read on for screenshots.
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BlackBerry Jam 2013 Belgrade Photos and Video


The first BlackBerry Jam in Belgrade organized by BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan attracted hundreds of attendees to the Zira Hotel in Belgrade Serbia. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Jam 2013 Belgrade Photos and Video’

BlackBerry Z10 Review: 60+ Days With The Latest BlackBerry 10 Touchscreen Smartphone


Here at BlackBerryCool, we’re not very fast with device reviews. Personally, I like to take my time with the device, use it for a while, and wait to see if there’s any immediate software updates to give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt. After 60 days of using the BlackBerry Z10, I think it’s time to release the full review. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Z10.
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BlackBerry Q10 Canadian Pre Orders Start


Canadian retailers have begun taking pre orders for the all new BlackBerry Q10. The perfect phone for executives will feature BlackBerry’s famous world class keyboard, a high resolution square touchscreen, high battery capacity and lightweight materials. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Q10 Canadian Pre Orders Start’