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BlackBerry 101 Tip: Scan QR Barcodes Directly From BlackBerry App World Options


Here’s a tip you may or may not have known, if you’re the type to scan QR codes whenever you see them, you can do it from BlackBerry App World. Back in the day, you used to be able to use BBM for scanning barcodes, but that disappeared for some reason. Well if you have the latest version of App World (not sure when exactly this feature showed up), you can scan barcodes from the app. No need for third party software.
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Riz Now Selling Custom BBM T-Shirts With Your QR Code


Remember Riz? He was that guy that started his career with a song called “Ping!!! Me baby!” and we think it was popular enough that it landed him a record deal. Having recently checked out his site, it doesn’t look like he’s doing songs about BlackBerry anymore but he does have a line of t-shirts that he’s selling with custom QR codes and his famous “PING!!! ME BABY” written on the shirt. It would be cool if Riz could sell these shirts over BBM, but from what we hear, you can’t sell physical goods with RIM’s in-app purchase APIs.

Check out Riz’s new line of BBM t-shirts at this link.

Also, if you’re curious about what he’s using to sell his shirts, check out Shopify.

ThinPrint Launches .print Personal Printing Through QR Barcodes



ThinPrint has launched a new service called .print Printing Essentials that allows secure printing with user authentication through a BlackBerry and QR Barcodes. Features of the service include:

  • ThinPrint ensures that only an authorized user can collect the print job
  • Users identify themselves at the printer via scanning the QR barcode on their BlackBerry
  • Print jobs are safely stored on the server until the user decides to pick up the print job at any printer
  • The solution is secure and reduces paper and toner use

More details available from the ThinPrint site.

Price Comparison and Barcode-Scanning App Sccope Now Available


sccope app

Sccope is a new price comparison and barcode-scanning app that’s available in App World. The app lets consumers compare prices at some of the larger retailers including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. The app works by getting the user to enter the name of a product in the search field, browse through the shopping categories or take a photo of the barcode of the product in hand to check the price against Sccope’s 10 million different price points. With a set of participating retailers, you can then navigate to the shopping pages to purchase the product. Users can also make a wish list, track prices and inventory through alerts and receive special offers.

Check out Sccope in App World, priced at $2.99.

Use QR Codes to Download Apps in the BlackBerryCool Store


blackberry qr codes

QR codes are a great way to download apps. One of the best implementations is downloading from OTA links from your browser without having to manually type it in on your BlackBerry. We wrote about this a while ago and it involves getting a QR code generator for your browser, and scanning the QR code from your device. Amazing isn’t it?

Mobihand has implemented QR codes in the store to easily follow the link to the mobile version of the site where you can download without having to wait for the download link to arrive by email.

Enjoy them in the store! If you’re having issues, make sure to read our full Guide to BlackBerry Barcode reading apps to find an appropriate barcode reader for your device.

BlackBerry Messenger T-Shirts with Custom QR Codes are HOT


A fashion label based in the Netherlands called Bate Papo (Portuguese for “chat”), have released some really cool t-shirts for BlackBerry users on BBM 5.0. A custom ‘BlackBerry PING! Tee’ features your BlackBerry PIN in QR code form so that it can be scanned by anyone with BBM.

This is a really cool idea that I have seen before in Asia. Back when I used to do a blog called QuicklyBored, we featured an article about something similar in Japan.

Custom BlackBerry PING tees cost 25 Euros.