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Download BlackBerry Apps with 2D Barcodes


Try downloading the above QR code for the foursquare beta app with this method.

Whenever we post a link about an app on BlackBerry Cool that you can download OTA, I’m sure there are many of you who pick up your BlackBerry and hit the site by typing it in your web browser. There is a much more fun way of downloading apps OTA and it involves 2D barcodes, or QR codes.

To do this, get a plugin that generates a QR code from a web link. With FireFox, a good plugin to use is Mobile Barcoder. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, it allows you to generate a qr code from a link with a simple right click.

Now that you can generate QR codes from links, you just need to scan them on your BlackBerry. For a good barcode scanner, see the BlackBerry Cool guide. I suggest adding the barcode scanner to a Convenience Key, so that with a touch of a button you can be downloading any app off the site.

Try it out with the foursquare beta app found at http://foursquare.com/blackberry/beta-pacman

[Hat tip Sonya at BBDownloads.net]

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ScanLife barcode reader for BlackBerry now includes UPC/EAN codes


[YouTube link]

ScanLife barcode reader for BlackBerry has been updated today. Previously, ScanLife could read 2D codes such as QR, Datamatrix and EZcode. With the latest version, you can read UPC/EAN codes from all major products, books and DVD’s. After scanning, you can compare prices from Google and shop around for a deal. Any BlackBerry can be used to read 2D codes, but you must have an AF camera to scan UPC codes such as the Tour, 9700 or Storm.

To download ScanLife, go to GetScanLife.com from your BlackBerry or visit BlackBerry App World.

For more about QR code readers for BlackBerry, see our roundup post.

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Air Canada’s latest web signal service saves you time at the airport



Inside BlackBerry has a great new post up regarding Air Canada’s latest web signal service which combines web check-in with an Electronic Boarding Pass.

The Air Canada web signal service gives the user one-click access to flight information directly from the BlackBerry. The service also allows you to use the same email address that you use to register for Flight Notifications on the web. This means you will be updated as soon as possible if there are any changes.

One of the best parts of this service is the sensation you get when using a barcode on your BlackBerry rather than a paper boarding pass. You can bypass lineups and save time, which is a reward for being so technologically ahead of the curve.

For more about Air Canada’s latest web signal service, see the official post from RIM.