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QuickCopy for BlackBerry makes copy and paste much easier



QuickCopy is a relatively new application that fills in the gaps that the native copy/paste features lack on your BlackBerry.

The utility creates a shortcut menu in the top right of your screeen that gives you quick access to common PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar & Email. Think of this application as being the QuickLaunch version of copy and paste.

QuickCopy will save you a ton of time if you’re logging in to sites from your browser, creating memo entries, viewing PIM information or inputting personal data into any third party apps.


  • Seamless integration with native Email & Calendar applications
  • Enhanced integration with Address Book (Contacts), Tasks & Memopad providing information as an organized list with the ability to quickly view or paste automatically
  • Simple & Easy to use User Interface with customizable Help Prompts to guide you through the process
  • Customizable Automatic Paste feature with the ability to turn it on/off based on your requirements
  • Customizable QuickCopy shortcut menu allowing you to choose the Menu Items for display
  • Ability to establish Default Contact, for even quicker access to your Contact information from anywhere on the device
  • Intuitive customizable options to control the behaviour of the application to meet your specific needs

Purchase QuickCopy for $4.99 and get ready to make the copy and paste experience much easier.

To activate and customize QuickCopy, go to Options > QuickCopy Options. The free trial is the full version so be sure to check it out if you aren’t sure about purchasing.