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New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Reviewed


Our mobile entertainment sister site, QuicklyBored, has published a review of the Magmic’s New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry. We’re huge fans of crossword puzzles at BBCool HQ, and the NYT crossword puzzle is the best around. From the review, it seems like Magmic’s version lives up to its namesake:

The puzzles themselves are pretty difficult. Being officially licensed by The New York Times, the game does a great job of mimicking the crossword experience which also means they’re pretty difficult for a first time crossword player. Although with a simple, elegant user interface and three different puzzle views, you can get into the game quickly.

Another great feature of this game is that it offers daily news headlines from NYTimes.com. That, combined with daily puzzles, you’ve completely got your NYT fix for the day.

Right now, the New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry is exclusive to AT&T, but will be available across all channels come January 1st. You can read the full review below.

New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry by Magmic reviewed


Consumer touchscreen Report – iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm, HTC Dream


iphone htc dream blackberry storm

Sometimes for members of the BlackBerry Nation, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. We’re so busy with our PIN to PIN messaging, browser speed trials, network frequency band comparisons, and OS upgrading, that we forget how the rest of the world sees the BlackBerrys that we know and love.

Our sister site, QuicklyBored, which is a mobile consumer entertainment blog, posted a device comparison of the three big touchscreen devices of 2008: the BlackBerry Storm, the iPhone 3G, and HTC Dream (which will be the first smartphone to ship running Google’s Android OS). It’s interesting to see what the average citizen is concerned about when it comes to a smartphone. Consider QB’s top two questions regarding the BlackBerry Storm, for example: will it feature an apps store that can compete with Apple’s, and will it have an accelerometer for sweet lightsaber games?

The HTC Dream G1 vs BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone 3G – A Consumer Report


What some people are willing to do for an iPhone 3G


QuicklyBored EIC Kyle McInnes with two iPhones

“I waited in line for 15 hours and all I got were unicorns and this lousy tee shirt!”

Some of you might not know about QuicklyBored, our sister site that covers all things mobile entertainment. Yesterday, QB Editor in Chief, Kyle McInnes, stayed up all night in line to buy an iPhone 3G, braving a storm that hit the Ottawa area, only to come back to work and blog about it. We’d like to give props to our resident Apple fanboy co-worker by pointing you to some of the more interesting pieces of content about his journey.

Buying an iPhone 3G – A Night to Remember
Kyle Goes Insane on Twitter
iPhone 3G Unboxing Pictures

But don’t worry, we still know how our bread is buttered. Check out a little bit of (humorous) BlackBerry love after the jump.

Click here to see Kyle’s true colors…

BlackBerry newbies blog about ‘their first time’


QuicklyBored LogoThe delirious post monkeys over at our sister site QuicklyBored recently received BlackBerrys to increase productivity (i.e., they wanted a raise, so we gave them some of our hand-me-downs instead). Since then, they’ve been blogging like crazy, describing both the joys and the frustrations involved in their new addiction. Our boy Simon also sat down with them for a podcast on the BlackBerry’s mobile entertainment capabilities and the most recent BlackBerry 9000 rumors. You can listen to it here, and check out some of their most recent posts below.

Installing software to your BlackBerry via OTA
Taking BlackBerry screenshots is a huge pain
Using TinyTube on your BlackBerry (Part 2)

Feel free to mock their blatant newbery, but make sure to also include some handy tips to help them along their way. The BlackBerry community takes care of its own, after all.