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Qwell Do Not Disturb App Now Available as a Both Free and Paid Service


Qwell is a helpful service that lets you set your phone to Do Not Disturb. If there is an emergency, the caller can press ‘9’ to push the call through if it’s an emergency. The company let us know that they are now offering two versions of Qwell: a free and a paid pro version.

Qwell Pro features a personalized Outgoing Message that lets you give the caller more detail as to why you can’t answer the phone. This is a great feature because often times people will call and ask the same question “why isn’t he/she answering?”.

You can upgrade to Pro for $2.99 Monthly. More details at the Qwell site.

Qwell also let us know that they are still running their on-going social media contest and are about 150 Twitter followers from giving away a Torch. Follow them at @QwellYourPhone for a chance to win a Torch.

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Qwell Running On-Going Social Contest with BlackBerry Torch Giveaways



Qwell let us know that they’re running an on-going social media contest where they’re giving away 1 BlackBerry Torch for every 1,000 Facebook likes and 1,000 Twitter followers. The contest is live as of right now, so you should head over to both pages and enter the contest with a single click.

If you haven’t heard about Qwell, it’s essentially a do-not-disturb app for your BlackBerry. When Qwell is enabled, your phone will automatically be put on silent and anyone calling will be directed to a message, asking the caller if it’s an emergency. If no, the user can leave a message which is sent to your inbox, or the user can press ‘9’ and the call is forced through. This is a must-have app for anyone who wants a virtual receptionist.

Hit up the Qwell Facebook page here.

Follow Qwell on Twitter at @qwellyourphone.

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Qwell Do Not Disturb Service for BlackBerry with Free Trial


Qwell is a Do Not Disturb service for BlackBerry that lets you silence calls while not missing the important ones. The service is initiated by pressing a single button, and you don’t need to create “Allow and Don’t Allow” lists that limit your connectivity to numbers that are predetermined.

When Qwell is enabled, Callers will hear that you are not taking calls at this time, unless it is an urgent matter. If the call is urgent, Qwell gives the caller the option to connect the call so you do not miss it! If the call is not urgent, they can leave a voicemail or simply hang-up without your phone ringing so you remain undisturbed. A Qwell call log keeps track of all call activity while you’re in “Qwell Mode” so that you can see Missed Calls and Voicemail at a glance.
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