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BlackBerry Q5 Review: The Affordable, BlackBerry 10 QWERTY Smartphone



The BlackBerry Q5 was announced at BlackBerry World 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The smartphone bills itself as an affordable and modern QWERTY smartphone that has all the apps you expect on BlackBerry 10, coupled with the productivity and ease of messaging that BlackBerry is known for. So does it live up to expectations? Read on and see.
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BlackBerry QWERTY Password Screen Trumps iPhone’s 10 Digits


An iOS developer, Daniel Amitay, recently released iPhone passcode data revealed by his Big Brother Camera Security application. The free app uses code to record common user passcodes, and because the BBCS app’s passcode screen is identical to the iPhone passcode screen, it’s highly possible users will enter the same passcode for both. What he found was that the vast majority of users used very simple passcodes such as “1234″, “0000″ and “1111″. All told, Amitay discovered that 15% of the over 200,000 passcodes captured by his app were represented by just ten different passcodes. Therefore, anyone who steals an iPhone, has a 15% chance of breaking into it with just 10 password tries.

Now compare this to the BlackBerry and it’s full QWERTY keyboard passwords. The possible permutations of passcodes that you could come up with are so vast it’s not even worth trying. Now, there are still some out there who will use basic passwords such as “BNM$ ENTER” because it’s fast to use, but for the most part BlackBerry passwords are probably pretty diverse. Even the way the keyboard is designed means you probably won’t use “1234″ as your password because it’s not as easy to remember when surrounded by letters and symbols. What’s probably more common on a BlackBerry is a name or simple word such as “password”. Still, we’re happy to be using a device that at least gives you the option for a complex and secure password. Four digit passwords are simple to break simply by their nature of only being 4 digits.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus Comes with T9 Style Keyboard


The updated Pearl 9100 has been showing up with a wide variety of keyboard styles. First, it was a SureType keyboard, then a small QWERTY, and now we’re seeing it in a T9 style. Currently, we don’t know much about the BlackBerry 9105, except that it’s rumored to be hitting the European market and Fido. The European market rumor makes a lot of sense as the device has a really European, SMS-centric look to it. Maybe the keyboard stylings are all designated for various carriers and what they believe will sell best. I’m thinking full QWERTY for Verizon, SureType for Fido, and T9 for Europe. We can expect the release date of this phone around the May/June time frame.
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Comparing Smartphone Keyboards Highlights Bold Advantages and Storm2 Disadvantages


Paul Ockenden of PC Pro put together a test comparing smartphone keyboards. The test was pretty basic, and while we can argue about the accuracy of the results, I think BlackBerry users can agree on the conclusions. The test involved typing the first couple of verses to Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes”, a telephone number, a web URL and a username/password. In each case, the operation was timed and accuracy noted. The results of the tests are shown in the above table.

Each phone was in its default mode, as it would be out of the box. One error is logged for each wrong word in the main text and for each wrong character in the phone number, web address, username and password. In each test, Paul tried to not look at the screen, and type as fast as he could, allowing the phone to correct any errors. Overall, the goal isn’t to type the fastest, but to get an idea for the speed to error ratio.
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BlackBerry feature requests: what do you want to see?


While RIM releases device after device that combines form factors, we’re still waiting for them to include new features in the hardware and software. Adding these components will add to the price, but they also unlock a plethora of possibilities for developers. Lets look at some basic hardware and software features that will make the BlackBerry experience better.

Video Out: There are several smartphones on the market that support video out and it has great potential for the device. Not only can you attach peripherals to the video out such as a projector and television, but you can also have the video output interact with an application. An app that combines your device’s camera with a projector, could have Project Natal potential on a smaller scale.

Compass: The iPhone 3GS compass is a seemingly minor upgrade to the device, but again, it’s great for developers. Augmented Reality is the future of how we interact with the real world using our device and the compass makes these apps much easier to make.

Dual Touchscreen/QWERTY: A Bold-like device with a touchscreen has been rumored to be in development but we haven’t seen any proof. A dual touchscreen/QWERTY device has huge implications for the end user in terms of experience, but it also has big implications for developers. Being able to develop an application with a smooth touchscreen interface and QWERTY input is the best of both worlds.

I leave it to you BlackBerry Nation. What features would you like to see RIM implement?