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Review of QwikClique vs Iconify: Two Quick-Icon Applications


Shortcuts are an important part of the BlackBerry experience. Apps such as SuperQWERTY, QuickLaunch and even Vlingo, all help to make everything a little more efficient, by reducing the amount of input required.

Putting a shortcut on your homescreen is a great app idea because it leaves both a shortcut and a visual reminder of the person you often talk to or a website you often visit. A little while ago Iconify by emacberry launched, providing two versions of their quick icon app. With either the 15 or 50 link version, you can create icons on the homescreen to dial, mail or PIN message a contact, or visit a website. Recently, QwikClique by The Jared Company launched, offering 5 shortcut icons to contacts of your choice. As both these apps serve similar functions, lets compare their feature sets:
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