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Storm Picture Editing and Drawing App Radical Draw With 10 Free Copies


Radical Draw is an app built specifically for the BlackBerry Storm that lets you customize and edit your pictures on the go. The app can be used to draw on pictures, or create your own, using the clip art, lines, shapes, colors and text provided. The company is also offering custom clip art, and contacting the developer will get you a quote.

The developer also plans to release a free upgrade in the near future, with additional clip art and crop capabilities and MMS support. Also, tilting the Storm to portrait is not currently supported but is on the way.

Radical Draw is a little on the pricey side at $7.99, but we have 10 copies to give away and if you’re a lucky winner, you should come back and tell everyone what you think of the app.

Note: Radical Draw requires at least OS

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