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RIM Needs to Have Its Own Apps Updated for Device Launches


There has been a slew of new BlackBerry 7 devices that have launched recently and one of the first things you notice about them is the number of “not available for your device” messages in App World. This sends a negative message to not only the consumer, but especially to developers. Why should developers update their apps for OS 7 when RIM doesn’t even see the need to prepare for launch date?
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Should RIM Be Developing First Party Applications?


Currently, RIM has developed a few “Add-on” applications such as Facebook and Myspace, with others currently in the works. RIM also have a huge internal application vault of unreleased apps they think might be core to the BlackBerry experience, and we may see these launched as well. The question I’d like to address in this editorial is “Should RIM Be Developing First Party Applications?” There are a few things to consider when answering this question such as:

  • Essential vs non-essential applications.
  • Can RIM do it better?
  • The developer ecosystem.

Essential vs non-essential

The argument that RIM should develop applications that are integral to the BlackBerry experience is sound. For example, BlackBerry Messenger is probably best left in the hands of RIM, as the app needs to be continually updated over a life span of many years and should be insulated from the market against the need to monetize.
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