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The 5 Worst People You Will Meet On BBM [Rant]


BBM is an incredible tool and fun messaging client. The platform has millions of users and it’s the best way to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues that are also on the BlackBerry Platform. With BlackBerry 10, it looks like BBM is only going to get better with video chat and a new user interface. But there’s some people out there that don’t seem to understand basic social norms and it’s important we call them out. By doing so, we can all agree to a set of best practices for BBM or perhaps RIM can implement new features to try and quell these miscreants.
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Tech Blogs Report the Same News Ad Nauseum


Do you ever get the feeling that every tech blog is just regurgitating the same press release? These days, it’s hard to find a post that hasn’t been written 6,000 times on every other blog. Writers should give their readers more credit and know that they read more than 1 site.
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