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World Star HipHop for BlackBerry Now Available


HLDR apps have announced their launch of the WorldStarHipHop.com mobile app for BlackBerry. The app features the latest videos from the WorldStarHipHop.com collection of hiphop videos.

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Riz Now Selling Custom BBM T-Shirts With Your QR Code


Ping me baby riz shirt

Remember Riz? He was that guy that started his career with a song called “Ping!!! Me baby!” and we think it was popular enough that it landed him a record deal. Having recently checked out his site, it doesn’t look like he’s doing songs about BlackBerry anymore but he does have a line of t-shirts that he’s selling with custom QR codes and his famous “PING!!! ME BABY” written on the shirt. It would be cool if Riz could sell these shirts over BBM, but from what we hear, you can’t sell physical goods with RIM’s in-app purchase APIs.

Check out Riz’s new line of BBM t-shirts at this link.

Also, if you’re curious about what he’s using to sell his shirts, check out Shopify.

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Drake Writes His Lyrics Exclusively on a BlackBerry


drake rapping off his blackberry

It’s hard to tell if these kind of stories are planted by RIM marketing or if they’re legitimate but apparently Drake writes his lyrics on a BlackBerry and reads them off the device in the studio. “I can’t write my raps on paper,” says Drake. “The BlackBerry keys, my thumbs were made for touching them, ya know?”

Noah Shebib, a Canadian producer and engineer says, “All of Drake’s raps, for eternity, have all been written inside of a BlackBerry. I mean [it’s] to the point where if he doesn’t have a BlackBerry, we gotta go get somebody who’s got one.” He adds “I’ve even had dummy BlackBerrys around to pull out for him to write on if he needs one.”

Considering Drake has been around marketing BlackBerrys for some time, we don’t know if he was a fan before or after the money came in. Either way, it’s still funny to hear about someone writing so much on those little keys. Here at BlackBerryCool, we had someone submit a pretty lengthy article from their BlackBerry.

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