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Runtastic for BlackBerry Makes Following Athletes During Events Fun


The smartphone era has brought us closer to our favourite celebrities than ever before thanks to Twitter. It’s also allowed us to follow along with our athlete friends’ adventures when they compete in big events thanks to onboard GPS and connected apps like Runtastic for BlackBerry. Continue reading ‘Runtastic for BlackBerry Makes Following Athletes During Events Fun’

Weekly Contest – Wi-Fi and Carriers


Wi-FiWith the impending BlackBerry 8820 coming, concerns are growing about how carriers will change their billing model to accommodate the new data pipe. No doubt the feature will enhance the flexibility with which owners can use their BlackBerrys, but carriers still need to have their hand in your pocket to keep business going. As something we’re generally used to having open access to, the very idea of someone charging a premium just to connect to your own wireless network seems profoundly absurd. Is it possible that they’ll meter data traffic, even if it’s on a completely separate service? More optimistically, there’s the option for savings – carriers which also offer internet access could toss in free BlackBerry Wi-Fi as a bundled deal. So, BBCool readers, this week we ask: how will carriers adapt to Wi-Fi on handhelds? Will it be an opportunity to milk the cash cow, or a nice perk to throw users’ way? Or will it not change a thing? This week’s winner will win 3 ringtones from Bplay.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER is David, for giving us a clear view of Austrlia’s wireless landscape, and why a 3G BlackBerry down under is an entirely likely possibility. We’ll set you up with your three games from Bplay post-haste. To everybody else who posted, thanks for your two cents, and we’ll hopefully see you again this week!