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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Get Connected Fairly Act


Parliament HillI was going to sit on this one until next week’s podcast, but it was just too good to hold out on. Member of Parliament David McGuinty is heading up a little something called Bill C-555 (a.k.a the Get Connected Fairly Act), which is aiming to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees for Canadian consumers and enterprises in the hopes of increasing adoption and overall quality of life. Best part of all? He wants all Canadian mobiles to be unlocked. A noble cause indeed, and one that BBCool is most certainly behind. If you’ve got 13 minutes, it’s always awesome to hear about the Canadian wireless landscape sucking just a little bit less. Go ahead and learn more about Bill C-555 and even sign the petition if you’re north of the border. Fight for your right to MP3, rock the iTunes vote, and viva la RSS.

New Rogers data plans


The data plans that have been in the cooker since January are finally seeing the light of day for BlackBerry. $30 for 300 MB and $50 for 500 MB are the main flavours, but differ a little bit. The $50 plan is Flex, meaning if you go over your allotment, Rogers will bump you up to the next tier. Not bad, but still not unlimited. We got a look at some of the internal marketing docs, and they had some pretty interesting demographical info, claiming less than 1% of users go over 100 MB monthly, meaning their $30 plan is more than enough for regular users. To be fair, that’s because it’s been stupidly expensive to get a 100 MB plan – now that you’re offering it for way cheaper, data services are much more accessible, so capping 300 MB is entirely possible. Oh, another lil caveat – these plans aren’t available for BES users, BIS only. How do you guys do on your monthly data usage?

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MO-Call offering cheap calls from your BlackBerry


Using an on-device app, MO-Call is offering cheap voice calling worldwide. Now available on a bevvy of BlackBerry devices, this sounds like a much smoother approach than dialling through a lengthy calling card processes, and who doesn’t want to save some coin on international calls? Cheers Hayden!

Raketu offers VoIP to BlackBerry


RaketuRaketu is busting out some cheap international calling rates through a browser-based application for BlackBerry. To see just how cheap we’re talking, check out their rates page and see what you can get for your area – I know I was pretty happy with the results. Outside of that, Raketu also offers this cool social networking/TV thing called Raketu TV. As for their new voice over IP calling service, head on over to blackberry.raketu.com on your mobile browser to sign up.

Canadian charged $85k in mobile web charges


CashmoneyHeh, some poor shmuck in Calgary thought that that his “unlimited mobile web browsing” plan with Bell included tethered connections to his PC. So, after some regular usage, including downloading high-def movies over his KRZR’s connection, Piotr Staniaszek got a beefy bill in the mail amounting to almost $85,000. Luckily, Bell wasn’t completely heartless, and were willing to knock down the charge to $5,000, but that’s still a pretty expensive lesson to learn.

Data revenues to outpace voice in India


IndiaOn top of a projected cellular market worth 25$ billion by 2011, Gartner predicts that data’s chunk of the Indian pie will have increased from 9.6% last year to 22%. Obviously voice still takes the lion’s share of the market, but the demand for data services is accelerating very quickly, which is good news for RIM. Prepaid customers will be more likely to get a data plan than post-paid users, and keeping prices down will be vital for success in India.

See what a Gartner analyst has to say on the price issue.