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RBC Banking App Now Available for Curve, Bold and Tour Devices


rbc banking app

RBC has launched a banking app for BlackBerry that lets you pay bills, transfer funds, check account balances, use Interac Email Money Transfers and locate branches and ATMs. TD Canada Trust has a banking app too, but the app requires the browser and it would be nice to have a native experience. We’re not sure if this app is a web link or not but either way it’s good to have a mobile banking solution from RBC.

What’s a little strange is that the app isn’t up in App World. You would think that they would want to get the most downloads possible and App World would be the best place for this. Either App World’s approval process takes too long and they rushed it on their own site, or maybe they don’t know about App World and the benefits of distributing through them. Hit the jump for the download info.
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BlackBerry Torch Sells 150K Units Over Weekend and Costs $183 to Build


blackberry torch teardown

Analysts at RBC Capital Marktets and Stifel Nicolaus are saying that sales of the BlackBerry Torch are at around 150,000 during the first weekend. Although the WSJ compares this to Apple and its 1.7 million iPhone 4 units sold in the first three days, RIM’s device sales follow a different trend. Enterprise clients, for example, generally don’t purchase on launch day and these sales will trickle in over the course of the next few months.
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Jim Balsillie to speak at RBC CEO Summit (BlackBerry Bytes)


RIM CEO Jim BalsillieJim Balsillie, RIM’s co-CEO will speak at the RBC Capital Markets Communications, Media and Technology Conference in Toronto, ON on Thursday, November 13, 2008. Balsillie’s presentation begins 11:00 a.m. EST, and will be available via live audio webcast on RIM’s website (link below). For those who can’t make it or tune in, a replay of the event will also be available on the website for two weeks following the event.

Jim Balsillie Presentation Webcast


BlackBerry Partners Fund to announce first investments


BlackBerry Partners Fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund was announced back at WES, and humming along quietly in the background, chatting with some 1,5000 hungry, young developers who wanted some of that $150 million investment fund.

[Kevin Talbot, RBC vice president and co-manager of the BlackBerry Partners Fund] says the unexpectedly large response from developers to the fund threw operations out of gear but says it is now back on track. ‘Since the fund was announced, we have been deluged with opportunities,’ he says. ‘We have lagged a little bit behind because of that.’

Progress is being made, as they will soon be announcing the first three to four companies to get $2-$5 million infusions. A new site will be launched on August 15th. to better inform interested parties about the opportunity and how to apply. With the iPhone App Store now in full swing, Apple’s $100M iFund is looking all the juicier to mobile developers, but there’s one thing that the BlackBerry Partners Fund has that iFund doesn’t – platform agnosticism. That’s right, you don’t have to develop for BlackBerry to get in on the fund, it just has to be mobile software. RIM is staying out of the decision-making process altogether, and leaving it to RBC and JLA to handle the meat and potatoes of the operation. Of course, if you’re chosen, RIM’s throwing in BlackBerry Alliance membership, which makes working on the platform all the easier. One of the partners had a great guest post on BerryReview that’s worth a read if you’re seriously interested in the fund. Keep an eye on www.blackberrypartnersfund.com for the big update.

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RIM’s talk at RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference


RBC and RIM logos

So, we listened in on the talk from Edel Ebbs, RIM’s VP of Investor Relations at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference today, and she had a few interesting things to say regarding the expanding consumer segment, the importance of fixed-mobile convergence, and future drivers for growth. The majority of sales still rely on hardware, but software and services revenue definitely helps. Edel went on to talk about RIM’s growing branding strategy, which we can see today in their latest advertisements showing off the BlackBerry device as an all-encompassing lifestyle choice, and is just the beginning of a bigger push in the last half of the year. That’s of course a good segue way into their consumer push…

If you’d like to hear the conference talk for yourself, head on over to RIM’s investor relations site

…otherwise, peek under the jump for the run-down.

RIM VP talking at RBC conference tomorrow, webcast available


RIMEdel Ebbs, VP of investor relations at RIM, will be talking at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference in San Francisco tomorrow at 11:30 PST. After a significant build-up for the Bold and lots of other devices in the woodwork, it might be worthwhile to hear right from the horse’s mouth what all the progress means for shareholders. If it’s something you want to talk a listen in on, you can check out the webcast right over here.