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AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 hits the warehouses


BlackBerry 8820BGR has recieved word that the BlackBerry 8820 is now being stockpiled, and ready to ship to stores that run out of BlackBerry 8800s. This will be a slow-rolling release, rather than shipping off to all stores at once, apparently with the goal of running the 8800s dry and fully replacing them in stores with the new Wi-Fi model. With that said, and September 15th. still the rumored release date, you might end up seeing these on shelves sooner or later depending on your retailer’s stock situation. This also means we’ll sooner be able to see if AT&T is pulling a Verizon and keeping the GPS for TeleNav only. Price is rumored to be around $299 on a two-year plan. There’s also a bit in BGR’s leaked docs that references the BlackBerry Stealth, which was the BlackBerry 8100‘s codename back in the day. Speculation points to this as the BlackBerry 8130 (CDMA, Pearl 1.5ish) or the Pearl 2 (GSM, potentially wicked), but all this really tells us is that whatever it is, you can’t buy insurance for it.