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Rumor: BlackBerry Storm2 Getting Improved Touchscreen and Recall


The bad press and feedback from the BlackBerry Storm2 has been never ending. That’s not to say that the Storm2 is a bad device, but of all BlackBerrys it has had the hardest time garnering mass appeal and its rivals have set the bar for quality incredibly high. My personal experience with the Storm2 has been varied. The Storm has some major bugs but it also makes apps looks really crisp and the larger screen is much appreciated.

Rumor sources are reporting that we may expect a worldwide (Verizon first) recall of the Storm2, as RIM have enhanced the touchscreen and made older models eligible for a replacement. Apparently, RIM has added silicone actuators to the touchscreen to improve the performance and tactile response. As of February 10th, 2010, all Storm2 devices contain this enhancement. You can identify these devices by a green dot on the master carton and/or date code on the back of the device (more details below).
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