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3 New Premium BlackBerry Themes From Magmic and Pooter Mobile


Here are three new themes for your BlackBerry OS 5 and BlackBerry 6 devices. Starting at just $2.99 these premium themes all have advanced features like custom lock screens. Continue reading ’3 New Premium BlackBerry Themes From Magmic and Pooter Mobile’

Cocky Culture announces new Crimson theme


Crimson is a vivid skull and cross bones theme complete with a hidden, fade-in dock. Crimson brings attitude and style to your Blackberry without sacrificing speed or battery life and features original visuals and icons. This theme looks especially great on the BlackBerry Storm. The Storm version even features a 2nd hidden dock and a set of hidden home screen buttons.

The Crimson Theme is available in our store and is on special until September 25th.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 13


BBCoolSimon Sage goes over the holiday’s big BlackBerry news, namely new shots of the BlackBerry 8900, RIM’s stock taking a hit, new 8130 colours, and a smattering of international releases. Get your news right over here.(12 minutes)

I nixed the old iTunes feed since it was obviously not doing what it was supposed to, and started a brand new one which should be updated by the iTunes Store soon.

Sneak peak at the red Curve


Rumors of a red BlackBerry 8310 on AT&T have been confirmed with a little eye candy. It’s not exactly the red you’re used to seeing on a BlackBerry 8100, but more of a crimson. The keypad is getting an inverted colour job, for extra spice. Anyone biting at this, or are you all more interested in the titanium? If the GPS isn’t enough to hook you in, surely the paint job will.

New T-Mobile Pearl colours launched


It wasn’t long ago that early shots of new BlackBerry 8100 colours for T-Mobile emerged, and now blue, light gold, and red Pearls are all available for the more fashion-conscious among us. Alongside the announcement is confirmation of the aforementioned $9.99 e-mail-only plan, for the casual BlackBerry user. Up here, we’ve had the red Pearl on Rogers for awhile now; maybe we can hope to see a spot of T-Mobile’s other colours elsewhere soon…?