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BlackBerry Bold due to hit AT&T September 12th. with $299 pricetag?


AT&T BlackBerry Bold

No doubt all of this BlackBerry 9000 talk is driving your average American BlackBerry fanboy a little nuts since AT&T still doesn’t have it out yet – but apparently sales reps are quoting a September 12th. release date and a $299 pricetag (presumably on a 2-year plan), although there are conflicting reports that it could be as late as October 2nd. The BlackBerry Bold’s browser has been suffering from some hefty JavaScript issues, and we’re left to wonder if that’s to blame for the ongoing delayed US launch. Those rumours of a delay were certainly no joke, but it also makes sense if you take into account the big OS 4.6 patch due in September (which will hopefully fix both 3G and browser growing pains) as well as T-Mobile BlackBerry 8220 launching around the same time. AT&T needs something to punch back with, right?

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold officially priced at $399.99 on 3 year plan


Rogers BlackBerry Bold price

Once again, Canadian subscribers get the extra-short end of the stick. The BlackBerry 9000 should be launching on August 19th for $399.99 on a three-year contract. So much for $275. Just to hammer the point home, T-Mobile is offering the Bold in Austria for the essentially the same price, but on a two-year contract. Oh yeah, and that new iPhone everyone is talking about? $299 on a three-year contract for the 16GB model.

Ugh. Well, Canadians? Is it worth that much to you? I guess we could always take Jim Prentice’s advice and choose another carrier. Oh wait, we can’t.

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BlackBerry Bold launch kit hits Rogers stores


BlackBerry Bold 9000 from Rogers

The rumours of an August 19 release for the BlackBerry 9000 in Canada are gaining some traction as launch kits including oversized versions of the BlackBerry Bold arrive at Rogers retail outlets. Previous info suggested a $275 pricetag on a three-year plan and around $1000 without contract.

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Orange UK to get BlackBerry Bold out before T-Mobile


BlackBerry Bold from OrangeThat T-Mobile BlackBerry 9000 launch last week was apparently limited to business customers only. Well, Orange will be offering the device to the public at large well beforehand – maybe as soon as August 16th., this Saturday, with rates going for around £45 monthly. The Carphone Warehouse will be right behind them, launching around the 21st. with a £40 plan. Between Vodafone, 3 Mobile, Orange, and The Carphone Warehouse, it sounds like the UK will be set for options when it comes to picking up the BlackBerry Bold. Considering features like Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA 3G, and a nice, crisp, half-VGA screen, no doubt all those carriers will have no problems finding some buyers.

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More BlackBerry Javelin pics emerge, reveal microSD hot-swapping


BlackBerry Javelin

Some internal docs managed to get loose recently, giving us a closer look at the upcoming BlackBerry Javelin. The specs included with the slides confirm earlier reports of Wi-Fi, GPS and a 3.2 megapixel camera, along with a screen that should match the BlackBerry Bold’s. The slides were dated in May, but the renders don’t differ much from live shots previously leaked. There are, however, some more details on how the memory card slot will work… You might have to pop the battery door, but apparently the microSD will still be hot-swappable. Maybe not as convenient as the side-loading style that’s been becoming the norm, but it still beats having to do a hard reset. Can’t wait to get one? Current rumours are pointing to a late November release.

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BlackBerry Thunder coming to Verizon October 13th?


BlackBerry Thunder from Verizon

Previous word on a mid-October release for the Verizon BlackBerry 9530 has just been corroborated by a juicy leak. This spreadsheet showing the BlackBerry 9530 was accompanied by an ominous post: “Is VZW getting ready to ‘take the world by storm’ tm on October 13th?” That sounds like marketing-speak if I’ve ever heard it, and makes one wonder a bit about whether or not the BlackBerry 9530 will actually be named the Thunder or the Storm. After all, we all had a bit of a surprise when the Kickstart got dummed down to Pearl status… Whatever it’s called, the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry has been getting just as much attention, if not more in light of its iPhone similarities. The BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9530 will be packing Rhapsody support, a fine media player and camera, along with a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. If the BlackBerry Bold isn’t winning you over, this one might just be worth waiting for…

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