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T-Mobile 3G rollout confirmed for October 1st.


Those rumours about 3G coming to T-Mobile are getting a little more traction with this poster announcing October 1st. as the date the switch is thrown. The major American launch cities include New York, Chicago, Orlando, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angelas, Washington DC and plenty more. While the only new BlackBerry on T-Mobile’s radar in the near future is the 3G-less BlackBerry Kickstart, it does open the door for the next 3G BlackBerry to come along. Maybe the BlackBerry Bold sooner or later…?

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Full list of launch cities for T-Mobile’s 3G rollout behind the jump…

BlackBerry Thunder due October 8th. with Rhapsody?


BlackBerry Thunder with Rhapsody

The mid-October ballpark release for the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder has been narrowed down to the 8th., but as with any rumour, take it with a grain of salt… What’s true now might not be in two months. The same sources are also claiming that the Thunder will be packing a 3.2 megapixel camera and over-the-air Rhapsody downloads. We had heard about carrier music stores integrated with the BlackBerry 9500’s music player, and now we’ve got a name to look forward to. Rhapsody is pretty popular, second to iTunes and maybe Amazon… how many more online music outlets will plug into the BlackBerry Thunder? As for the camera, I expressed plenty of concern about its quality in last week’s podcast, so colour me relieved.

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Sunset BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile due August 4th?


T-Mobile Sunset BlackBerry 8320

Pink BlackBerrys have been increasingly popular these days, but we haven’t seen much of the elusive Sunset colour. Well, here’s a live shot of the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 packing the newest paint job, and it’s pretty dashing. Not quite as somber a sanguine as AT&T’s crimson Curve. If the BlackBerry Bold is a bit too rich for your blood, keep your eye out for this beauty on August 4th.

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Preorder BlackBerry Bold available for $649.99


BlackBerry Bold from Tiger Direct

The Bold hype is truly coming to a boil, what with launch parties, enterprise offers, rumored release dates, and now that Tiger Direct is offering the BlackBerry 9000 for preorder with a reasonably chunky $649.99 pricetag. Unlocked and unbranded, of course, so the price isn’t exactly uncalled for. The real downer here is that Tiger Direct’s ETA for the BlackBerry Bold is September. Aw, c’mon. Hopefully carriers will have better luck offering it sooner, but Tiger Direct is a solid option for folks who haven’t heard anything about a release in their area.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold due August 12th?


Rogers BlackBerry Bold

We’re still holding our breath for an announcement from Rogers today, but rumour has it that the BlackBerry Bold will be out in Canada on August 12th., putting us right on time with the AT&T delay. T-Mobile Germany had also changed their release date from July to August, so it looks like this is a widespread deal. I still think that that the recent OS 4.6 Desktop Manager and Java Desktop Environment are an indication that the Bold would not have been ready for the end of the month. Still worth the wait, no?

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Desktop Manager 4.6 available from Vodafone Germany


BlackBerry LogoOS 4.6 software is getting fast-tracked in order to prepare for the imminent BlackBerry Bold launch, now with the updated Desktop Manager available from Vodafone Germany. With the 4.6 BlackBerry Java Desktop Environment released just yesterday, it’s hard not to think that some of the issues delaying the launch of the BlackBerry 9000 are getting resolved. If the OS is solid enough that the JDE and Desktop Manager can be offered publicly, I think we can look out for a release real soon. T-Mobile Germany was one of the first to throw out some pricing, and Vodafone had one of the earliest sources of Bold pictures, so at very least Germans have good reason to get excited. If software’s not enough of an indicator, there’s also a batch of presale German BlackBerry Bolds to be shipped August 6th to get your hopes up…

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