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RIM Likely to Profit from $11bn 3G License Auction in India


The 3G auction in India raised an astounding $11 billion by selling licenses to major carriers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Aircel. Considering the low price of communications in India, $11 billion is even more incredible.

Now that the 3G licenses are in place, these carriers are going to need to sell a lot of 3G enabled devices to start collecting some revenue. BlackBerry have a solid footing in India, and we can expect the company to profit significantly after this auction. Just recently, the Bold 9700 was launched in India and users can also use the Storm2 9550 on the country’s 3G networks. I’m sure we’ll see some of the next generation devices hit India as well to cater to the high-end smartphone buyers.

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India adds 7.7 million GSM customers in October (BlackBerry Bytes)


IndiaAnyone who wonders why RIM’s recent troubles bringing BlackBerrys to India were such a big deal need only look at these numbers to understand. According to the Cellular Operators’ Association of India (COAI), India’s GSM networks added a record breaking 7.7 million net customers in October, bringing India’s total GSM base to 241.4 million. These figures, however, do not include the GSM subscriber base from Reliance Communications – which although a predominantly CDMA operator has a growing GSM base as well. Adding Reliance Communications’ estimated 9.2 million GSM subscribers would bring India’s total base to over 250 million GSM customers.

250 million GSM subscribers – just think about that number for a second. That’s almost the population of the United States. How much would it improve RIM’s bottom line to grab even a small percentage of that number?

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Airtel and Reliance launch a bevvy of BlackBerrys in India


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Two different Indian carriers announced new information for a wide variety of BlackBerrys today. In news that will only make the rumored AT&T Bold delay sting more, Airtel has announced the launch of the BlackBerry Bold on their network, priced at Rs. 34,990 and available by the end of September.

In addition, Reliance mobile has introduced the first prepaid BlackBerry service in India today for no less than six different devices. Reliance claims that this announcement will help expand BlackBerry interest to the 200 million prepaid users in India.

Reliance Prepaid BlackBerry Support

* The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
* The BlackBerry Curve 8330
* The BlackBerry Curve 8300
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8100
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8130
* The BlackBerry 8703e

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BlackBerry 8330 comes to India


IndiaIt looks like the tentative resolution of security issues in India has been enough to for Reliance to release the BlackBerry 8330. Reliance’s CDMA network was launched last September, so it’s is still pretty new, but it’s good to see some of the more recent devices finding their way over there. The CDMA Curve is available in 500 stores across India for Rs 25,990. Hit up Reliance’s website to find the one closes to you.


Reliance launches CDMA BlackBerry network in India


India Reliance is breaking out a ton of BlackBerry action in India today, announcing a whole new network for their devices. Spearheading the push is the BlackBerry 8830, allowing India’s corporate users to get better coverage than existing GSM. A CDMA BlackBerry expansion has been in the cards since May, and now that it’s come to fruit, we can see what was going on earlier with that massive expansion. Reliance will be offering the BlackBerry 8830 for Rs 33,990 on their shiny new network.

Reliance to buy Aircel for $7 billion


IndiaIndian carrier Reliance is whetting its lips as talks progress on getting their mitts on competitor Aircel.They might not be names you’re too familiar with, but Reliance is one of the biggest carriers in India, and Aircel is the 6th. largest carrier in India. The acquisition would significantly expand Reliance’s GSM network through Aircel’s licences, as well as adding Aircel’s 6.2 million base subscribers to their fold. Last we heard from Reliance, they were working on a massive network expansion, and now topped off with this acquisition, Reliance is making huge strides.