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Ringtone DJs to win new BlackBerrys


TurntablesWe just got wind of an awesome contest happening over at Tonemine: use their web-based mixing tools to put together the most badass ringtone you can muster, and leave it to the voters to pick the best. It’s one thing just translating MP3s to ringtone format, but being able to make your own is especially cool. They’ve got a variety of styles for you to choose, from funk to indie rock to bluegrass, and you can drop in sound effects and beats at your leisure. It’s a fun system and worth horsing around in if you’re looking for an original ringtone. And what about the prizes for this contest? Well, first, second and third place all get a Remote Stereo Gateway and a music gift card, first and second both get a BlackBerry of choice, and first place gets a bunch of accessories thrown on top. Get more info on the Battle of the Ringtone DJs here, and hey, maybe mix things up a bit yourself.


RIM to unveil BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway


The Financial Post has uncovered evidence that Research in Motion will be unveiling a new music accessory called the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway. The Gateway attaches to a stereo and then streams music files from a BlackBerry via Bluetooth. The information is available through an FCC filing, which has both the user manual and a photo of the Gateway. The device was filed by Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd. out of Taiwan, but the BlackBerry brand is all over the place. This is obviously a big push into the consumer space for RIM, especially given the fact that, unlike iPod docks, it’s wireless. Between this and the increasing sizes of microSDHC cards, BlackBerry is becoming more and more viable as a media player.