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Remote Control Collection Pro for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook Tablet


PCs have had a big presence in people’s entertainment systems for years. Some control the entire operation with a wireless mouse and keyboard, for BlackBerry Users controlling everything with your BlackBerry or PlayBook is a more clever idea.
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Control Your PC or Mac with Splashtop Remote Desktop for BlackBerry 10


Already on iOS, Android and the BlackBerry Playbook, Splashtop aims to be the premier remote desktop app for high-end smartphones and tablets. Splashtop has already announced that they’ll be supporting BlackBerry 10 making it easier than ever to control your Windows PC, Ubuntu Linux PC or Mac desktop from your soon to be released BlackBerry z10 device.
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Jabra SPEAK 510 Bluetooth Speakerphone Announced


Jabra has announced an update to their popular mobile teleconferencing tool. It’s predecessor, the Jabra SPEAK 410 won best in sound quality of both voice and music as well as best design in the 2011 Sound and Design survey. The new Jabra SPEAK 510 builds on these strengths and adds even more talk time and usability.
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OnStar RemoteLink App Arrives On BlackBerry


The OnStar RemoteLink app displays up-to-date vehicle information such as oil level, tire pressure, fuel level and lifetime miles per gallon. The app also offers users remote commands, including remote start, door lock/unlock and horn/light activation.
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Blu-ray content and remote coming to BlackBerry


Soon, you will be able to transfer downloadable content and interactive features from your Blu-ray Disc to your BlackBerry. With BD Touch, you’ll also be able to use your BlackBerry as a remote control for a compatible Blu-ray player (If supported by playback device).

Features of this new software include:

* Transfer media from Blu-ray player to handheld device
* Remote control - control movie playback using handheld device
* Keyboard - use handheld device keyboard to enter data to player
* Create games based on title that interact with handheld device
* Multiple handheld devices can integrate with a single BD disc
* simultaneously - multi-player games!

Go to the Netblender site to learn more about this product.