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Expense Tracker Timr for BlackBerry Updated to 3.0


Timr is a multiplatform system for keeping track of billable hours, project time and mileage tracking. The beauty of entering this sort of data on a BlackBerry is that you can enter info at any time allowing for more accurate and reliable times and amounts.
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State of the Apps Industry Snapshot Shows Developers Optimistic About Revenue


state of the app industry

Millennial Media and DIGIDAY released a report called the “State of the Apps Industry Snapshot.” There is some interesting data in the report on the current mobile app landscape and things look okay for the BlackBerry platform but there is definitely more action in other smartphones like Windows Phone 7. The main reason for this is that Microsoft is paying developers upfront royalties to give them incentive to push their apps to WP7. Maybe RIM should consider doing something similar for big titles that aren’t on their platform yet. Hit the jump for more details.
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Research in Motion in the Top 5 Handset Manufacturers in the World


IDC’s latest report shows Research in Motion in the in the top 5 of all mobile handset makers in the world. RIM has been in the Top 10 Smartphone Manufactuers list for some time and now, but making the top 5 handset makers in the world is a really significant benchmark. RIM is the only company on this list that manufacturers only smartphones, making the numbers all the more impressive. The smartphone market is growing at a pretty incredible rate, and it looks like RIM is well positioned to take on the growth.

Here are some quick facts about RIM from the report:

  • RIM shipped 10.6 million units in Q1.
  • Total shipments surpassing those of Motorola by nearly 2 million units.
  • Highest average selling prices within the group.
  • Key to its success in the first quarter was the popularity of its BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold 9700 across multiple markets as well as its global prepaid offerings.
  • Strong consumer adoption, particularly among text-crazy teens, has also fuelled demand for BlackBerry devices.

Read the press release after the jump.
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BlackBerry turns personal time into productive time


efficiency.jpgIpsos Reid has completed a study of return on investment for BlackBerrys, and the general conclusion is that each user turns one hour of downtime a day into productive time. The report was a follow-up to a similar 2004 report to see how the productivity scene had changed. Fewer people strongly agreed that 24/7 BlackBerry e-mail access increased their productivity, even though reported daily usage went up an average of 15 minutes. That seems to suggest the further BlackBerrys become entrenched in routine, the more seamless productivity increases become.

But BlackBerrys aren’t all about the office…