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ReportAway! – Expense and time sheet capturing software for BlackBerry



ReportAway! is an app to help you capture expense and time sheet information. With ReportAway!. data is stored locally which helps reduce the amount of time it takes to access pertinent information. When you enter a coverage area. your reports are filed through the secure BlackBerry email service.

Features of ReportAway! include:

* Simple User Interface
* Import directly from Calendar and Task applications
* Expense editor is integrated with BlackBerry camera for attachment of receipt pictures
* Time and Expense editors with add, modify, duplicate, and delete functions
* Flexible Over The Air Reporting
* Selectable QuickBooks® “iif”, or “csv” formatted reports
* Direct import of time reports into QuickBooks
* Configurable csv format: selectable fields, field order, and configurable labels
* Integration with DocSnaps online book keeping service
* Offline Operation
* Minimal mobile data usage
* No sensitivity to lack of cellular coverage
* No waiting for web servers to respond over the network
* Customer, Project, Activity, and Expense administration
* Time and expense entries can be associated with locally configured Customer, Project, Activity, and Expense Type data
* 40 built in currencies to choose from
* Configurable expense types with 17 commonly used default types

Purchase ReportAway! for $8.99.

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