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reQall Free Memory and Idea Management Tool Updated


reQall for BlackBerry screen shot

The guys behind reQall let me know that their free organizational tool has been updated with new features and a better UI. The app helps with memory and idea management with some pretty cool features such as location-based reminders and a patent-pending reQall Memory Jogger that reminds you at just the right moment.

Since we last wrote about reQall, they have added features such as:

  • Real-time location-based reminders.
  • An offline mode.
  • An automated connection setting.
  • Support for locations on Verizon Storms/Tours.
  • ReQall Location with Blackberry map (provided that you have BlackBerry Map installed).
  • Evernote integration.

Head on over to their site to download a copy for yourself.

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Free BlackBerry organizational tool – reQall


Ronen has posted about some interesting software, reQall, which is free for a limited time. The BlackBerry app is an organizational tool that helps with memory and idea management. Sound a little convoluted? Here are some features:

reQall for BlackBerry gives you a voice-to-text recorder, task/shopping list/idea manager, reminder service and memory aid, all in one. Turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a powerful productivity center that helps you remember all the important things in your life. Using your BlackBerry, go to www.reqall.com/blackberry to download the Beta version.

This app seems to really try and tap into the BlackBerry as a personal data mining center. From the product description, it seems to integrate as many organizational apps as possible in order to get your life sorted out and your ideas flowing.

I’m off to try the Beta. Let me know if you’ve tried this app yourself.

Learn more in the reQall for BlackBerry Quick Start Guide.

Go to www.reqall.com/blackberry on your BlackBerry to download the application. Note: reQall for BlackBerry is compatible with OS version 4.2.0 and higher, including the new Bold, Storm and Pearl 8220 devices.



reQall beta launches for forgetful BlackBerry users



reQallreleased a beta version their memory aid software for BlackBerry today. reQall for BlackBerry helps BlackBerry users stay organized on the go by allowing them to create, edit and share reminders right from their BlackBerry using either voice or text input. To learn more about reQall, visit their reQall for BlackBerry page or download the beta version directly from the link below via your BlackBerry: