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Study shows pizza and entertainment driving mobile purchases


Mobile web purchasing habits

Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive have some interesting survey data regarding the purchase habits of mobile based consumers. The data shows some significant trends along gender lines, income, education, and even preferences when it comes to specific items like pizza, tickets and entertainment. 

Here’s a snapshot of some survey results:

  • 93% of U.S. adults (93%) own a cell phone, and nearly half of these adults (45%) think it’s at least somewhat safe to make a purchase through their cell phone with 26% saying they think it’s fairly or very safe to do so.
  • Nearly half of cell phone owners (46%) would be willing to make purchases this way.
  • Of those who would be willing to make purchases through their cellphone, (75%) would be willing to buy entertainment items, such as movie/event tickets (58%), music (41%), mobile video or TV content (24%) and games (34%).Many would also purchase food/drink items (68%) such as pizza (59%), fast food (42%), and/or coffee (25%), and over half (55%) would be willing to purchase hotel rooms (43%) and/or tickets for travel (40%) this way.
  • Read the full research data from Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive