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Canadian Tire Retail Chain Adopts BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Company Wide


Starting this month, BlackBerry 10 is the mobile platform of choice for Canadian Tire Employees. The nationwide deployment will bring thousands of devices to managers across all Canadian Tire stores as well as a group of sports stores: Sport Chek, Sports Expers, National Sports and Atmosphere.
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Retailers Report Strong Demand for the BlackBerry Z10


The BlackBerry Z10 has launched at a handful of carriers over the past week in Canada, the UAE and the UK. Every one of them is reporting strong demand which isn’t surprising because of how many people have been waiting for the device to launch. The demand is further fuelled by a high aftermarket demand from regions not yet selling the BlackBerry Z10.
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The BlackBerry PlayBook Was The #1 Selling Tablet at Future Shop and Best Buy


Haters are gonna hate but RIM is doing an excellent job pushing out the PlayBook. BlackBerry’s Twitter account recently announced that the PlayBook was the number 1 selling tablet at both Future Shop and Best Buy. This is great news for consumers, developers and for the BlackBerry 10 platform. We’re hoping that these sales entice more developers to get on board and start building great apps for the tablet and BlackBerry 10. Speaking of developers, RIM also announced that they’ve had more than 6,200 apps with 3,000 pending review as of Feb 29th.
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More Cyber Monday Deals From Best Buy, Radio Shack, Costco and More


While Black Friday/Cyber Monday has turned into a spectacle of greed and basically everything that sucks about humanity, there’s still awesome deals so just avoid the news and focus on what’s important: cheap toys. We’ve got a list of some of the Cyber Monday deals going on right now so give the list and scan and see if anything picks your fancy. Then, put on some body armor and head to your local retail outlet.
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RadioShack Announces One Million BlackBerrys Sold



RIM has sold a great number of smartphones and it’s thanks to their carrier partners and retail outlets like RadioShack. RadioShack recently announced that they’ve reached an impressive milestone: one million BlackBerrys sold.

Remember that RadioShack has a partnership with LIVESTRONG (The Lance Armstrong Foundation) in support of its global mission to improve wellness and fight cancer. For each LIVESTRONG product sold, RadioShack donates a portion of the profits to LIVESTRONG’s Global Cancer Campaign.

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(Rumor) RIM to expand retail to London via Selfridges



RIM may be expanding its retail presence worldwide. Currently, there are a small number of shops in North America and there may be plans to expand to London via the department store Selfridges.

The London RIM outlet, will be located inside the Selfridges on Oxford Street and will open in the next couple of months.

This could really help RIM with device sales since having their own outlet means they don’t have to compete with other brands and devices. Also, often the sales team that works in these stores is simply motivated by commission, and selling a smartphone may not be the easiest way to make a sale. It’s at least worth it to test the market.