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Looking for a BlackBerry Storm through LetsTalk? Let’s Not.


Our main man Troy over at BlackBerryNews posted about a sweet deal at LetsTalk.com for BlackBerry Storm chasers on Friday. LetsTalk was offering the BlackBerry Storm for $99 after mail-in rebate.

I was hoping to point you there today after posting that Verizon’s own online store has postponed BlackBerry Storm shipping until December 15th, but it looks like the deal has soured. Although their webpage states that the discounted Storm offer should run until today, a quick scan of the page shows that their new price after rebate is $249. Devices are also no longer in stock, although it appears LetsTalk will be receiving shipments sooner than Verizon (?), with December 2nd posted as the availability date.

If anyone knows of a good online site to purchase a BlackBerry Storm, post about it in the comments.


Handango and Carphone Warehouse team up


HandangoThe Carphone Warehouse, a giant phone retailer in the UK, is now working with top software reseller, Handango. The software that Carphone Warehouse will be selling covers some of the most popular items out there these days, including Empower, Shape’s IM+, and a theme fit for any pink Pearl out there. Digital distribution is usually seen as a threat to the old-school brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s pretty interesting to see a web-based business make the jump backwards. Whether or not something like this flies will depend a lot on delivery. If you’re e-mailed a list of activation codes and download links, you might as well just buy the software off the site, but if it all came loaded on the device and ready to rock, it would make for a very unique way to buy your BlackBerry.

Palm leaves the airports, BlackBerry moves in


Palm’s logo. Impress it upon your memory ere it fades.Palm recently announced that they would be closing all their retails stores. While there was some initial confusion, it was eventually determined that only the seven stores located in malls would be closed. The remaining 26 airport stores are owned and operated by Airport Wireless which, until this closure, had a tight partnership with Palm. The stores will remain open, but the company is broadening their reach by adding new devices and accessories including, of course, the BlackBerry. While the company is in talks with Palm to continue having their devices in the stores, at the moment the decision is up in the air. RIM’s been starting to get more involved in the retail side of things, so this is the perfect opportunity to edge into Palm’s spot, especially considering Palm’s OS delay and 43% profit drop last year, and not to mention the whole Foleo debacle.


Weekly Contest: Home Sweet Home


BBStore OpeningEarlier this week, RIM partnered up with Wireless Giant to launch a dedicated BlackBerry store, which is a pretty big step. The more hopeful among us might see this as a sign of a larger move away from carrier dependency, while others might see the opening as a cute pilot project that won’t really go anywhere. Regardless, BlackBerry now has a real brick-and-mortar consumer home in Michigan, and its success will determine how much further RIM goes with the idea. This week we’re asking BBCool readers: will BlackBerry stores spread? Is it commercially viable? Can you see a branch in every major city? How do carriers feel? Does it work to their advantage or detriment to have comparable plans right next to one another? As for the prize for the best comment, this week we’ll be giving away the Curve or Pearl skin of your choice from the fine folks at DecalGirl.

Last week’s winner behind the jump!

T-Mobile cuts a deal to BlackBerry resellers


SalesmanT-Mobile has recently expanded their Business Partner Programme to include BlackBerry resellers, dangling 17 benefits (like lower pricing on handsets, marketing support) and good commissions as bait. Those retailers have to meet some standards, though: T-Mobile will only approve deals with resellers who can sell on a quarterly basis 150 BlackBerry connections, 120 of which must be at least 2-year contracts. Olive Communications is a prime case study on how this kind of partnership can do really good things for retailers. Other existing UK partners include WN1 Communications and BusinessMobiles, with plenty more in tow.