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Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho


Last week we reviewed both Aerize and PeeKaWho, two great pieces of software that essentially give you great-looking caller-ID functionality for your emails and SMS text messages. We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho, developed by BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard (also the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard), and Aerize Alerts (developed by Aerize, who also developed the Aerize Card Loader we mentioned earlier in May).

Aerize vs. PeekaWho Head 2 Head

Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 Reviewed!


Aerize for BlackBerry

While incoming calls from contacts in your address book already alert you by showing the caller’s photo and number, your BlackBerry sadly does not support the same service for email or text messaging. Unless you have Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 or PeeKaWho – an awesome product we just reviewed.

Now, on to Aerize! The short and skinny of it is, Aerize Alerts 1.1.1 allows BlackBerry users to receive pop-up notifications on your home screen for email and SMS text messages, in a similar way that you would when a contact saved in your address book calls you. Aerize alerts is responsive, easy to use, easy to set up, and easy on the eyes.

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PeeKaWho v.1.160 Reviewed!



We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho here at BlackBerry Cool, but no one’s actually reviewed the product. BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard – the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard – brings Blackberry users this great piece of software.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable caller ID function for your incoming email and SMS text messages, look no further. PeeKaWho is great if you want to view your email or text messages at a glance while performing other functions on your Blackberry, like composing an email or surfing in the browser. You can also disallow PeeKaWho pop-ups when using certain applications, great for when you don’t want to be interrupted while you’re writing an email, viewing a video or dialing a call
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FIVE new Vodafone BlackBerry Storm videos


UPDATE: Umm, make that five new videos. We’ve just added videos from CNN and Stuff.tv after the jump.

It looks like everyone and their dog has gotten their hands on a Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500, which launches in the UK on November 14th. Following the 4 minutes of BlackBerry Storm video heaven we posted about yesterday, no less than three other UK mobile sites — KnowYourMobile, MegaWhat and T3 — have posted their own videos. Of the three, MegaWhat’s is probably the most informative, while KnowYourMobile’s demonstrates what purchasing music through Vodafone’s store will look like. We’ve put T3’s first, however, for two reasons: it features a super cute British tech nerd, and she calls the Storm a “stunning piece of kit.” Bloody brilliant. You can see the other two videos after the jump.

Two more Vodafone BlackBerry Storm videos

New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Reviewed


Our mobile entertainment sister site, QuicklyBored, has published a review of the Magmic’s New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry. We’re huge fans of crossword puzzles at BBCool HQ, and the NYT crossword puzzle is the best around. From the review, it seems like Magmic’s version lives up to its namesake:

The puzzles themselves are pretty difficult. Being officially licensed by The New York Times, the game does a great job of mimicking the crossword experience which also means they’re pretty difficult for a first time crossword player. Although with a simple, elegant user interface and three different puzzle views, you can get into the game quickly.

Another great feature of this game is that it offers daily news headlines from NYTimes.com. That, combined with daily puzzles, you’ve completely got your NYT fix for the day.

Right now, the New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry is exclusive to AT&T, but will be available across all channels come January 1st. You can read the full review below.

New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry by Magmic reviewed


Multiple BlackBerry Curve 8900 reviews released


BlackBerry Curve 8900

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 seems to be making a few appearances in the New York region, lately, as both BGR and Gizmodo have posted hands-on impressions of what was formerly known as the BlackBerry Javelin.

Nothing is revealed in the two impressions posts that we haven’t heard before, but it’s exciting that both sites were so positive on the device. It seems as though the Curve 8900 is a worthy successor to its forefather. We’ve posted the most interesting bits from both impressions after the jump for your perusal. Enjoy.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands-on impressions